Read two adverts for places to stay on holiday to practise and improve your reading skills. 

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Me and my family tend to have our holidays in countryside where my grandma and grangpa live , it's amazing all the time cause u can do alot of things that u can't do in the city , i mean we can visit nieghbours who they're our relatives too by the way in everytime beside that the whole big family are there so we have nice time with each other, But of course there is thing that i don't like a lot which is too much housewrok, i think this is happens in all farmhouses is it ..?

I choose farmhouse for a holiday. Because, I want to rest at holiday.

bedroom sleeps four people? doesnt sound right, can we actually say that way?

Hello Sridhar reddy

It's true that this would be unsual in ordinary conversation with someone, but in a context such as this one, this expression is very common.

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I would like to choose farmhouse because it's far from the city and less internet connection, it would be great holiday with family spend our time without gadget and enjoy the nature!

I like both of them. I'll chose city flat if I whant to go with my family and choose farmehose when I need to be relax

I would choose a farmhouse in the countryside when I visit with my family.

I prefer to go in the hotels, so I'm free from domestic activities and I can enjoy my holiday.

If I had holidays, I prefer to go to the farmhouse because there are not any pollution and noise. it is absolute can see sunshine in the morning and hear the singing birds. you can relax without concern.

I'd prefer the farmhouse in the countryside because I like to barbecue with my friends outdoors.