Read a menu to practise and improve your reading skills. 

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and do the exercises.

Reading text




Language level

Beginner: A1


I would like to have one cup of coffee and the home made carrot cake ! I think it will be amazing !

dog meat for sure *LOL*

I’d like to have a steak with salad and glass of still water.

It's wonderful menu that makes me hungery .. I would like to have grilled fish , pizza ,chochlate ice cream and chochlate sauce and finally a bottle of still water..

I'd like to have steak with chips. Also, i'd like to have orange juice without sugar on it, and for the dessert ice cream with chocolate sauce. It must be delicious

I'd like to have steak with salad and orange juice

I would like to have steak pizza with coleslaw and orange juice.

I'm Italian and therefore I like the Mediterranean cuisine, but, when I go abroad, I like trying local food.

I would like to have homemade banana cake.

I'd like to have the steak with chips and an orange juice. Then for dessert I'll have the homemade banana cake.