Richard meets Richard - Branson, that is! - and gets business advice from one of Britain's greatest entrepreneurs.

Task 1

Which is the best title for this video?


Task 2

Select all the things that Richard Branson says about good entrepreneurs.


Task 3

Reorder these words to make sentences from the video.


Task 4

Match the words and phrases to make expressions from the video.




Language level

Advanced: C1
Upper intermediate: B2


In my opinion, business success comes from a person's ability to make decisions, to establish and maintain relationships, and also a bit of luck.

I think everybody has wanted to start their own businesses at some stage of their lives. People like me tend to worry too much, in other words we are not bold enough to try out that idea. Others maybe find the live of being an entrepreneur, especially new starter, is actually not that fun and involves a lot of hard work. And not everyone who starts a company today can become another Richard Branson later on. Only those people who are made of right elements become extremely successful.

I do admire business people, because they have some characters that I need to learn from. However, actually I admire almost everyone, because they all have something special. People's temperaments, intelligence, and integrity always make me wonder how amazing they are.

is it gramatically correct to say ''Richard DO NOT talk about politics'' ?

Hello Eddi,

If the sentence is about RIchard then we would use 'does not' in this sentence rather than 'do not'. If the sentence is a direct order to Richard then 'do not' is possible as a negative imperative form.

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why i fail to open the video.anyone can help?
need your help indeed/

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There are a number of reasons why this might happen. The most likely is a problem with the compatibility of your device, particularly if you are using a mobile device. For more information, see our Help page.

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.Personally, I think that entrepreneurs have to be very ambitious. They also need a good support from their colleagues and families, but I'm pretty sure that the most important quality to become successful in business is perseverance. I've never thought about starting my own business, but this is probably the dream of a lot of person on this planet. To get a job in the business world is, without any doubts, an extraordinary post, but also a stressing job. I do not think we should admire those kinds of people, because it is not necessary to get a job in the business domain to be more important than other men and women working in something else. The guy who has a job as a journalist, or as a delivery man, is as much important as the business engineer or as the doctor. I mean that it doesn't matter the job a person do, because everybody has a purpose in this world. You've got to do what you've got to do, and you have to do it as well as possible. The effort that a person put to make the job well; this is what we should admire. This is what we should be proud of.


I believe Entrepreneurs are successful because they have the passion, hardworking, self-confidence, risk-takers and willing to learn new things. Yes I have opened a small shop during school breaks I buy groceries and sell them near our house-a simple way to help for our needs. Yes I admire business people because they have exceptional skills and potentials.

Thanks for your resources. Entrepreneurs can be successful because they are true to their principles. And they are not afraid to take risks. When they have new ideas, they won't let it go without having a try. Whenever success or failure, they will try their best to make their ideas come true. I think we should admire those entrepreneurs who have done great things to people.

Hi, I've a grammar question for fourth frase of third task. Why we use the singular for first half of phrase (an entrepreneur, someone who believes) and the plural for second one (they're doing). Would be corrected these variants: "Entrepreneurs are people who believe in what they're doing." or "An entrepreneur is someone who believes in what he or she is doing." Sorry if my question's silly. Thank you.