Richard carries on searching for the secret of entrepreneurial success, visiting two of Britain's youngest - and most fashionable - entrepreneurs, before meeting one of the judges of Britain's very own entrepreneurial reality TV show, Dragons' Den.

Task 1

What order does Richard do these things in the video?


Task 2

Who said these things? Did Jess & Emily say them? Did Duncan say them? Or did neither of them say them?


Task 3

Match the start and end of these sentences from the video.


Task 4

What do these words and phrases from the video mean?




Language level

Advanced: C1
Upper intermediate: B2


i think there are many sucesse interpreneurs in my country .
i would like to start a business in the UK , becuz there alot of help ,advise and very good enviroment to start small businesse .
i guess the most improtant thing to start business the the support and good enviroment and the most improtant belive in allah he is always be in your side even you bring down...

It`s very inspiring!!!!!!!!! I think Duncan is making a joke. Anyway, Hashmi, I didn´t like that part.

Perhaps in the future I will consider starting a business in the UK , but  now I'm entrepreneur in Ukraine.

Hi.I don't understand why Duncan had answered harshly to Richard.Duncan was larking about or what?