British innovation is not just in the home. Join Richard as he talks about robots, space exploration – and very fast cars.

Task 1

Select the things that Richard does in the video.


Task 2

Type a missing word or number from the video.


Task 3

Combine the two words to make phrases from the video.


Task 4

Select the correct verb form.




Language level

Advanced: C1
Upper intermediate: B2


thank for your video! truth be told, i really love the part about RR, because its my favorite car! to be honest, RR phantom is my blue dream. in addition, it was simple to understand, because i know this voc. so, thank you again, that you showed us GB from other side, before when i heard GB, i thought, yeees, there are good tea and RR. Yet, now I discovered many good facts:)

I want a rolls Royce!!

After watching the video, I became interested of car racing and I prefer Rolls-Royce because they are unique in making luxury cars and traditional craftsmanship; also, Rolls-Royce has been in the industry for over 100 years.

.Personally, I do not like things like that. And I am not a passionate of cars or bikes.


Me neither. But the video is entertaining and glamourous , specially the last scene into the car with music. Maybe I am wrong , but I think it is a fragment of a Michael Nyman's work called "Drowning by numbers" which was also the score of a Peter Greenaway film.

I am afraid to say that I can't appreciate motor sport. I don't understand what fun about it. To my opinion the velocity is far too fast, it dazzles me.

Rolls-Royce is definitely my choice, because it is a car more suitable for just driving around and doing a little bit of sight-seeing scenic tour and stuff. So if anybody is considering giving me a car, a Rolls-Royce please. Thank you and bow.

Hello everyone,
Can anyone tell me if there is any grammatical mistake in following sentence:
"Having good command over English to the subtle level."

Hello Darshann,

Could you please provide a bit more context for this statement? That's really important when considering whether a phrase is correct. Please note that what you wrote is not a sentence because it has no main verb. This is not necessarily a problem, e.g. people answer questions with phrases, but if it needs to be a sentence, then please consider that.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

I prefer the Mac Laren because it is a fast car, this short distances for speed .

Taking into account the amount of time I’ve spent on watching Formula 1 I wouldn’t call myself a huge fan of it. Although I would love to see the race with my own eyes and feel the rush of speed and car engine sounds.
I would probably prefer Rolls-Royce because having top comfort options it still remains very fast and powerful. I would definitely buy both ‘animals’ if I were, let’s say, Mark Zuckerberg.