Whatever your taste, Britain is home to some of the greatest sports – and sporting venues – in the world. Watch the video and go behind the scenes at Silverstone Circuit, home of F1, and Wembley Stadium, temple of football!

Task 1

Which of these things does Richard do?


Task 2

Fill the gaps with words from the video.


Task 3

Make sentences from the video by reordering the words.


Task 4

Choose three words that can go in the gaps.




Language level

Advanced: C1
Upper intermediate: B2


To be honest, there is no sport that really captivates my attention, I am not that kind of person that seats down to watch a football match or another sport, I am not even speak about playing it. Even though football is very popular in my country I don't pay any attention to it.

My favourite sport, like I normal brazilian guy, is football, because I love the atmosphere of that and I was born in a football culture, I also like other sports such as swimming and atheticism. I prefeer to play instead to watch because it's more exciting at all. In my country? We are known as the land of football, Ronaldo, Romário, Zico and the greatest of all time Pelé were from Brazil, and we are five-time world champions.

And PLEASE, it's FOOTBALL, not SOCCER *-* hahahaha

I enjoy both playing and watching sport. I usually watch football, my favorite club is Liverpool. Football, badminton, voleyball are the most popular sports in my country. Ho Chi Minh who was the president of my country realy loved sport and he encorage people play sport to improve healthy.

Tennis is my all-time favorite sport! Although, I, myself has never played one in real life. I love Tennis because it's an endurance sport and it can go on for hours and hours. There is no time limit set for the game and match. Just need to win 3sets or 2sets and its up to the players how fast they'll be able to achieve it. And it's an extremely exciting sport. One of my goals in life is to witness any Open Tournament, and Wimbledon is on top of that list. Moreover, when I was school age, I played a lot of sports like Football, badminton, and Volleyball, but now that I've grown older, I prefer to watch Sports instead. In addition, Football has gained more attention over the recent years in my country, but it's still not as popular as Basketball.

My favorite sport is badminton, because I enjoy playing it. It doesn't need much effort to get the hang of, and it can be played by two or four people at one time.

I like to participate in both. It is exiting to watch great sports talents and skills. And when it is my turn, I take a lot of pleasure in improving my own skills.

Football is quite popular in China. The Super League takes place very year. Many people are fans, they enjoy it a lot.

.Personally, I have a lot of favorites sports: Tennis, because my brother plays it very well; hockey, because I believe that it is a beautiful sport to play in team and I like to hear the sound of the skates on the ice; football, because I love the power and the training to do to perform in it and artistic skating, because I do not know a sport so marvellous and graceful. I prefer to play sports instead of watching them, because it helps me to be in shape and to keep my life healthy. But it is always pleasant to watch a good tennis match or a stressing hockey game on TV. If I have all my family in the living room with chips, candies and popcorn on the table, there is nothing more funny and relaxing. I think that football is more popular in Europe than in my country. The most popular sport in Canada is hockey.

Baseball because you have to work with a team and everything will work on your body as well as you mind. I want to play rather than just watching but if can’t be I’d prefer watching it in anime or cartoons because they practice slow motion pictures so that we can understand the sport better. Yes, football is now popular in our country thanks to the power of media.

i really wanted to know the meaning of ''Season so far'' which is frequently used in British
Premier League and many other sports matches.

Besides,how to classfy the british accent and American accent.

Hello phyokyaw1993,

To understand this, you must break it down into two parts: 'season' and 'so far'. Definitions and examples of both of these can be found using our Cambridge Dictionaries Online search box - see the lower right side of the page.

Please note that you'll have to scroll down the page to find the meaning of 'so far'; - look for the one with 'until now' in the definition.

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team