Listen to an interview with a recruitment expert, who talks about his experience of reading CVs and offers some good advice on writing them.

Do the Preparation task first. Then listen to the audio. Next go to each Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the transcript at any time.

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Weak forms are syllable sounds that become unstressed in connected speech and are often then pronounced as a schwa.

In the sentence below the first 'do' is a weak form and the second is stressed.

What do you want to do this evening?

Weak forms are very common in English. Listen carefully and fill in the gaps with the missing words typed out in full.



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Upper intermediate: B2


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I am surprised to know that some companies in the UK do not like a CV which includes a photo. In Japan, I think it's very rare that companies don't require candidates to attach a photo to a CV.

In Mexico is related to discrimination, usually if you are an employer don't need to know about the physical aspect about the candidates, but their skills about the job. :)

Great Stuff right here on CV writing

I agree with you. Some years ago I was a executive managemer and I had to decide about hiring employees. I usually selected CVs which were short and useful.

The person who reads the hundreds of CVs advises to use the application form, which is tailored to a company for recruitment process. Advises on writing a CV are: keep it short, keep it simple, keep it relevant because anything longer than three pages goes automatically into the bin. One more important advice is no fancy fonts or photographs. John Woodrow sad, that for an employer don’t need to know what people look like, just what they’ve done, and what they’re capable of.
To my mind it entirely depends on our skills, talents, capabilities at the active stage of our life. All changes in the second non-active stage of our life: the age becomes the priority.

These is a question I'm dealing with it.
Could anyone tell me why in the last question of task one the answer is FALSE?

The question is "Woodrow names two languages from Asia as being useful."
and he said in the script "Spanish is useful, Russian, Mandarin Chinese too"
So the answer can be True (Russian and Chinese)

Hello Fereshte,

Europeans tend to think of Russian as a European language, but you are right -- it is also an important language in Asia. I'll make a note to change the wording of this exercise in the future. For now please know that you are correct!

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Dear Sir ,
I can't understand this phrase :(we get sent each year!) in the paragraph below. so I’m the person who reads the hundreds of CVs (we get sent each year!)
For me why Mr John said the verb : (sent) instead of to say for exemple : receive.
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