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Change management

Listen to a consultant talking about the basic stages of the change process and the people in a change management team.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.


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Upper intermediate: B2


In my career life, I have experienced a lot of changes. I have changed duties and responsibilities as my position s and department.
Currently, we all are working in the time of covid 19. 50% of staffs have been implementing works in the early. It's a bit difficult to handover between the two teams in a risk situation and this is the first time of us.

Dear Team,
about this Preparation Task: I think, without reading or listening the specific text, it's impossible to do the Task right, because, generally speaking, some of the words could perfectly compound with the others making several form collocations, like: ''current practice'' or''current procedures'', ''key problem''or ''key solution'',"raise awareness'' or ''raise feedback''or ''raise funding'' and so on...Am I right?
Thanks in advance

Hi Nikoslado

Thanks for your comment and sorry for my delay in getting back to you. What you say makes sense and so I have made a note for us to have a closer look at this one day.


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The LearnEnglish Team

During my career I experienced a lot of changes, like being absorbed by a multinational company, launching new markets, and the last one, starting smart working in time of Covid19.
Regarding smart working, it's interesting that it has been possible implementing work from home in just a few weeks and also with good results. It has been determining the rapid assessment and decision making of the management team in a risk situation and the involvement of the staff since the first times.

The kinds of changes I experienced is structurally in nature.

What kinds of changes have you experienced where you work?
When they changed the rules and put staff performance evaluation made the employees so scared about their evaluation was out of 100% and who under 60% they take the the first warning if someone take 3 times under 60% they will fired them from work. The change it makes them afraid of losing points and sometimes motivates them to be better by taking reward for the good performance. This will improve the employees performance in my opinion.

All of those related to new collegues, changes in the management, new rules, new uniforms, new customer experience's procedures and so on.

Hello Lutciia

I'm afraid that there are no PDF worksheets available for the Business podcasts at this time. The good news is that we plan to produce worksheets when we release a new series of podcasts. We are just beginning to work on those, so it will be quite some time before they are ready.

In the meantime, please feel free to copy the exercises and transcript into a document for your own use. You are also welcome to use the materials in a class as long as you make it clear that they were created and produced by the British Council.

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The LearnEnglish Team

Nowadays all changes very quickly. Referring to my work, I should be aware of the demands for my profession, maintain my professional skills and perform my work with high quality to be demanded on the market of translations and interpretations.
My work is compelling, but the flexibility is amazing, I mean.
By far the most experienced change I experienced in my work is the application of CAT program. It is a tool that in large measure helps to speed up my work and make it easier offering such useful features as translation memory, terminology management, termbases, both the spelling and the grammar checker. There is two option: I can work online having access to the Editor web, which opens in the browser or use the Editor for Desktop, which syncs with the cloud in real-time and supports offline work.
The application of artificial intelligence in the work is the sign of the current 21st century and CAT program having an intuitive interface is a basic key to greater productivity, that is not an innate skill. The other sign of the current 21st century is that we should be proactive and always be on time for everything.

To my mind by far the most important reasons why people are sometimes resistant to change are firstly misunderstanding about the need for change because the reason for change is unclear, secondly the fear of the unknown and thirdly the lack of competence, because changes in necessitates changes in skills, and people will feel they won’t be able to make the transition very well.