Listen to part of a radio programme. Peter Jones works for Art and Business, a company that develops creative partnerships between business and the arts.

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Hello maqsoodahmedmagsi,

We don't usually form questions with 'have' by inversion unless 'have' is an auxiliary verb. Here, 'have' is the main verb, and so the first version is correct.

In the past the second form was used, but it is not st

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There are two right ways of saying that you have a pen.
1. I have a pen.
2. I have got a pen.

Note, that "have got" is more popular in British English.

You can create a question from this statements in two ways:
1. Do you have a pen?
2. Have you got a pen?

These two questions are grammatically correct. "Have you a pen?" is incorrect, although I imagine everyone would understand what you mean if you asked.

I hope it helps.

Thanks for your comment.

it is such a programm to read books , yes, it can encourage or (endeavour) the creativity by stimulating the powerness of imagination ?

whas that sentence right ?
thanks a lot for your website, B.C. !

Hello catphilppa,

We're glad you find our site useful! I'm afraid we simply don't have the time to correct users' writing, but I'll point out a couple of errors in this sentence. First, 'endeavour' doesn't make sense, so I'd recommend not using it. Then I'd recommend you look up a few words (e.g. 'programm' and 'powerness') in the dictionary to check them.

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I also think tat the creativity can improve reading books, only kind of books(novel, drama, poetry...). I think also that a lots of TV and cartoons can kill the baby's creativity

Hello, there is a sentense in this audio i don't understand! What does it mean by "what better way to stimulate creativity than through reading books"? am i right to get it as reading books is a worse way to stimulate creativity? Thank you.

Hello a BrE-loving hobbit,

The sentence is a rhetorical question. It means 'there is no better way to... than reading books'.

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I like reading and i used to read a lots of novels during my secondary school days.  But nowadays i spend lesser time on reading, and i only read newspaper or magazines during my spare time. I find other people are also the same, i think it is because we are busy at work and wish to chose more leisurable and relax activities to do during our spare time.

Yes, I think exactly a same. I read newspapers and magazines which are more relaxing. I don't remember when I was reading something more cleaver.