Listen to part of a radio programme. Peter Jones works for Art and Business, a company that develops creative partnerships between business and the arts.

Do the Preparation task first. Then listen to the audio. Next go to each Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the transcript at any time.



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Upper intermediate: B2


no one can deny the interesting information and valuable experience.knowledge that books bring to us. when i studied at secondary school, like many of my friends, i loved reading manga of japan,manhwa of korea.and of course. a very well-known series of comic books( doremon. conan.).it costed me lots of money to rent them home.i almost lost myself in reading them.but as time passes by, i grow up and have to focus on my study, not having enough time for my own interest. or maybe it no longer suits me.  instead of reading, i listen to some kinds of music and watch tv. today's tendency of film in asia is korean .(the sonata of autumn, stairway to heaven, my girlfriend is gumiho, flames of desire,). these are played by top acting stars.they involves all sorts of emotions(sadness, romantic, hatred, death, melancholy, being apart but it really inspires you and give you a closer insight of the world..wish you guys the best. 

This was good listening material.. And i request to upload a conversation between friends in daily life too.. Please.. My humble request..

I have never heard about companies like Arts and Business, and this article opened some new things for me. Thank you for interesting information.
P.S. I've learned some new words)

although,I make many mistakes,I think,going on
tks learning english give me the chance to make mistake.

love you Adam, thanks for doing this.

hi ,team .
this is a good listening materials for preparing IELTS test.
thanks so much.

Hello, Adam, I wonder if there is a mistake in the 3rd question of the 1st task.  Or probably I misunderstood?
Question 3/6
When businessmen were asked to name a book which had influenced them, less than half chose a non-fiction book.
and the relative transcript is ' Most people chose a work of fiction', isn't the question another expression of this meaning? But the answer shows this question is false.

Hello Aresson,
You are quite right - the answer is the wrong way round. I'll change it next week - it's my weekend now!
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The LearnEnglish Team

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