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Listen to a trainer talking about the importance of relationship-building as a competency.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.

Language level

Upper intermediate: B2


hello i m in there in first moment! Wellcome to my world dear friends!

the best way for improving relationship is going to do everything the best way. 
another way maybe is to make decision right.

It's my first comment on this page..
My inconvenience is, when i start to talk in Eng.,i hear my voice very different.
So i can not speak very well. 
I want to develop my experience so can you advise me something. 

Really it is a different way to learn english. I love to speak english.
Thanks a lot, British Council

 relationship-building is a lesson i should learn.Tips recommended in this audio is quite practical.I think it  is time to put them into practice.

I just can't believe that  this website is so rarely recommended in China, especially among  IELTS  candidates. I don't know where else can be more official and helpful.

Thanks a lot to everybody for the help you always gived to me.
I love to speak English and try hard to do better.
Thank you very much.

hi my name is katese ı learn english so ı joined this web site

Plz help
in task 2 facing xml loading error.
(buissness and work:relationship task 2.)

I just think it's really not a bad idea to say "Good Morning" to anyone i don't know him / her .... what's the problem here?