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Work burnout

Listen to the guests on this radio chat show speaking about the difference between work-related stress and burnout.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.


Language level

Upper intermediate: B2


Sank you four this radio chat, it was vairy interesant, The girl who speak has a beautiful voice, I think im in love.
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Je vous prie d'agréer l'expression de mes respectueuses salutations,
Thank you,
the next employeeso of LarnEnglish

it is very useful.

yes it is true

Good morning LearnEnglish Team!
I realise a small problem that is in support pack. In Task 2 (Grammar and Vocabulary) there are 8 sentences to be completed but there are only 7 answers in Answers.

Hello Vinh Nguyen,

You're right! The answer to 8 is 'out' and I've just added it to the PDF.

Thanks very much for telling us about this error!

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hi Everybody,

This activity is very interesting because you learn english and learn about Stress and Burnout. I didn't have any idea that there is a difference between Stress and Burnout.
The postcast is very good I understand very well. The activities after the listen is no boring. I reccomend this activity for others people who want to learn english.

Hope you are well. In simple word the broadcast are extremely useful.I literally broaden my horizon toward academic English and that is define why I'd rather to boost my knowledge toward sophisticated issues in British way rather the American one.

Yore's sincerely,
Mousa roustaeian

I can not understand in the following sentences (medication can be effective – anti-depressants aren’t the same these days as they used to be ) and (In fact it was something he felt quite strongly about.) can you help me
thank you

Hello ahmed mohamed salem,

The first one implies that anti-depressant medications now work much better than in the past (when they didn't work well). Steve thought about taking this kind of medication, but decided to try to get better without medication first. When the text says 'it was something he felt quite strongly about', this means his desire to try to get better without medication was very strong -- he really wanted to see if he could do it without medication first.

If there are any other words or phrases you don't understand, the Cambridge Dictionary is a very useful resource, and you can look up whole phrases there, not just individual words.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hello British Council, I didn't quite understand in the following sentences.
We don't usually realise we are suffering from burnout.
People do not always know when they have burnout.
I thought the meaning of these two sentences are slightly different. 'don't usually realise ' means that few people still know when they have burnout. Could you please help me to get the correct answer in task2.
Best regards,