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Episode 02

Marcia and Philip discuss the applications they've received and the interview format.

Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the exercises. You can also read the transcript.



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Intermediate: B1
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Hi English Language Team
Would you mind explaining for me this sentence's meaning: And how they see themselves taking us there? This sentence is used in the video clip and I dont really get what Marcia means! Thank you so much!

Hi Alen Luna,

The meaning here is something like 'how they think they could achieve this'. 'See yourself doing something' means 'imagine how you would do it'. For example:

I want to be a successful writer.

Really, and how do you see yourself becoming that?

Well, first I'm going to send some short stories to publishers to see if they like them. After that...

I hope that clarifies it for you.

Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

I´m still starting studies on the site, but I feel like I´m improving.

Hi Team,

I watched the video and completed task 1, but I don't understant what I am supposed to do in task 2? Is this a task that I can carry out or just given information?

I am always so grateful for team's hard work and have been thinking it would be by far better if you guys could provide writing practice areas that users can continue writing stories after watching a short video clip, it would be very fun to see how creative other people from all around the world think and encourages me to make even more peculiar ideas.
Just ideas:)


Hi Lucie,

You're right, there's really no task to do in Task 2 - it's advice on how to write a CV. Thanks for your idea - I'll certainly add it to the list of suggestions we've received. You might want to take a look around the Magazine and Stories & Poems. There are no writing tasks there like the one you suggest, but users sometimes submit their writing for others to read and comment on.

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

First video page only contains " Can't see the video? Click here! " link
Remaining video pages don't have the link " Can't see the video? Click here! "
Kindly update the link in all video pages

I am unable to see the video in normal page, if i click the " Can't see the video? Click here! " link i can see the video
But the problem is " Can't see the video? Click here! " link is not available for all the pages


First video page only contains the link " Can't see the video? Click here! "

but the next video pages upto episode 10 don't have that link " Can't see the video? Click here! "

I have tried in chrome, mozilla firefox and internet explorer and i have latest flash player also

Thanks in Advance

Hello gopikrishnanp,

The links you refer to are available only on some pages and are aimed at users whose geographical location prevents our regular videos from loading. The reason these links are not available on all pages is not because the links are not updated, but rather because it is necessary to format each video in a different way to create such a link and this is not something we can do very easily. It is possible that we will put more such links on the pages in the future but I cannot guarantee when this will happen. However, we have noted your request.

Best wishes,



The LearnEnglish Team

I have a question about the sentence below:

The body highlights or amplifies on material in the résumé or job application, and explains why the job seeker is interested in the job and would be of value to the employer.

For what reason there is not personal pronoun after the "and"? Is there any grammatical rule that indicates when to omit the pronoun and when it is mandatory to use it? Reading the text, the context give the pronoun for comprehension; nevertheless, I would like to know whether a rule exist.


Hi Mayela,

In general, a pronoun can be omitted within the same sentence when it has already been used within that same sentence. It is never omitted completely from a sentence, at least in formal English.

In writing that represents an informal conversation, subject pronouns are sometimes omitted when it's obvious who's being referred to, though it's much more unusual than in Spanish. But I wouldn't recommend omitting pronouns as an English learner.

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

To English Language Team,
Is the following sentence correct?
It was my parents' dream that having been grown up, I would be a doctor.