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Intermediate: B1

Video zone – Kids explain art to experts

Watch five-year-old JJ describing three famous paintings to professional art critics. Can the experts guess the paintings correctly?

Portrait of Oussama

Oussama, a Syrian man living in Turkey, talks about how important education and English are for his life and future.

Vocabulary Games – Cars

Do these exercises to learn words related to cars.


Learn words for things in bathrooms by doing these exercises.

Vocabulary Games – Air travel

Do the exercises to improve your vocabulary for air travel.

Vocabulary exercises - Health

Vocabulary exercises to help learn words related to health.

Vocabulary exercises – Fruit 2

Learn more words for different kinds of fruit using these exercises!

Vocabulary games – Vegetables 2

Vocabulary exercises to help learn words for more vegetables.

Vocabulary games – Body parts 2

What's the difference between your thumbs and your toes? Do these exercises to find out and to learn vocabulary for more body parts.

Vocabulary exercises – Appearance 2

Do you know what a 'toddler' is? Do these exercises and learn this and other words to talk about people's appearance.

Vocabulary exercises – Other animals

Do these vocabulary exercises and learn the names of some birds, insects and other animals.

Vocabulary games – Wild animals

Do these exercises and learn the names of some wild animals.

Vocabulary exercises – Streets and roads

Do you know what a 'kerb' is? Do these exercises and learn what it and other words related to streets and roads mean.

Vocabulary exercises - Beaches

Are you ready to go to the beach? Do these exercises and learn vocabulary to talk about the beach.

Vocabulary Games – Vegetables 1

Do these exercises and learn the names of some common vegetables.

Vocabulary exercises – Meat and fish

Do these vocabulary exercises and learn words for different kinds of meat and fish.

Vocabulary exercises - Containers

Learn words for different containers by doing these exercises.

Vocabulary exercises – Around town

What's the difference between a 'crossing' and a 'crossroads'? Do these exercises to help learn words for the things around your town and find out!

Vocabulary exercises – Gardens

Do these exercises and learn words for things you can see in gardens.

Elementary Podcasts

It's the end of Series 4! Carolina tells Emily she’s going to miss her while she studies in France. But will she be missing Jamie too? What’s Jamie going to do? Jo and Adam look at different ways of speaking about the future. It’s goodbye until the next series!

Tess & Ravi

Tess and Ravi finish up Series 4 talking about myths about British people, while Jo and Adam speak about false friends and how to use the word 'actually' to give true information about something.


Email addresses are essential in business – do you know how to say them correctly?

Elementary Podcasts

Carolina and Emily don't seem to be enjoying the end-of-year party, but Adam and Jo enjoy talking about 'everyone' and informal ways of saying 'How are you?'

Tess & Ravi

To negate or not to negate? Shakespeare and negative verb forms are the topics the team speak about in this week's episode.


Ashlie and Stephen take Tristan and his friend Jay Marie on a bus tour of London. Who is the better tour guide?

Elementary Podcasts

Jamie's taken his exam and is waiting for the results. Adam and Jo talk about the meaning of different exam results in the UK.

Unit 2: Sending and receiving emails

Learn how to talk about the different parts of an email in English.

Tess & Ravi

Discussing TV crime programmes, Tess teaches Ravi a thing or two about Sherlock Holmes. Adam and Jo explain how to use 'to be born'.


How should you begin and finish an email message to someone you don't know? Find out here!

Elementary Podcasts

Carolina and Emily are in the library to study, but end up chatting. Jo and Adam chat about conditionals – sentences with 'if'.