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Intermediate: B1


At an art market, Ash and Stephen find themselves in an argument about who is the better artist. They decide to have a competition, but first they need to find out what art is.


Rob and Ashlie talk about the little words which cause so much trouble: articles!


The challenge is on, but first Ashlie and Stephen must decide what art to make. Stephen seems to be doing well, but there's a soapy surprise in store for his customers.


What's the best way of making a comparison? Rob and Stephen talk about comparatives and superlatives.


There's more to London's art scene than just its world-famous galleries. Join Joe as he finds out about a new kind of gallery...


Ashlie, Stephen and their cousins are going to the beach, but the British summer turns nasty on them. What is there to do in Britain when the weather is bad?


Rob is going to talk to Stephen about the British weather and making predictions - whether about the weather or not!


Ashlie and Ellie have a great time on the indoor snowboarding slope, but it turns out climbing isn't as easy as Stephen thought...


Rob helps us to get good at using good, and looks at how we use the past continuous to talk about plans that go wrong.


Amandeep's at BBC Broadcasting House to meet the team who make the weather forecasts - and have a go at making her own weather bulletin!


Stephen and Ashlie drive north to York. Stephen surprises Ashlie with a Roman ring - and a museum she actually likes!


Whatever you do, you should watch Rob and Ashlie talk about this and that - it's all pretty interesting!


Stephen and Ashlie get their hands dirty at an archaeological dig.


Rob and Stephen enjoy talking about grammar, so stop to watch them discuss verbs followed by gerunds, v-ing, and infinitives, to + verb, as well as chat about too and very.


Amandeep takes a step back into the past to find out how Britain's history and industrial past still draw crowds of tourists.


Ashlie is not happy with her flat, so Stephen offers to help her find somewhere better. That sounds easy, doesn't it?


Ashlie and Rob cover some different ways to talk about disliking something and continue on to discuss the present continuous.


Now Ashlie has found her new flat, there's only the packing, moving, cleaning and unpacking to do. What could possibly go wrong?


Rob presents the present perfect and describes some of the ways that it can be used.


Homes don't always seem hi-tech, but Amandeep finds that some of the latest innovations in house design and furniture are space-age!


Ashlie and Stephen travel to Paris, where Steven shows off his French and Ashlie tries a famous French dish - by accident!


Rob and Stephen talk about the best ways to learn a language, then look at make and do.


Ashlie and Stephen do some shopping in Paris - and improve their French!


Rob gives us some good advice for speaking well, and then he and Ashlie talk about good and well.


It's party time for Ashlie and Stephen - but which costumes to choose?


This time, Rob and Stephen are thinking about 'think'. Oh - and, by the way...


Ashlie and Stephen's house is full of witches, wizards, and ghosts... and everyone's having a frighteningly good time!


This time, the subject (and the object!) is pronouns.


Join Joe to find out why the British celebrate people trying to blow up Parliament! 


Ashlie goes for an interview - but her interviewer is more interested in someone else!