It's Christmas morning! Ashlie's got a lot to do to cook dinner for the family, but can she get Stephen to help?

Do the Preparation task first. Then watch the video. Next go to the Tasks and do the activities. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.


Language level

Intermediate: B1
Upper intermediate: B2


Hello ali gh,

It means ‘Who wants some turkey?’ and it’s a way of making an offer or asking for somebody to choose something. You might say it at the dinner table when you’re about to serve dinner, or in a restaurant when you’re trying to choose from the menu.

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Are 'Here you go' and 'There you go' the same meaning?

Hello Aung Thet Naing,

Yes, the phrases have the same meaning. Both are informal and used when we’re giving or handing something to somebody.

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I have learn many words about Chrismart. Above all, I see your try to make the hight quality for this video. Thanks, and hope that you'll happy and  lucky.

That was really helpful

Hi, I'm so excited! I want to learn english!

Is it possible to download the video?

Hello Joanna,
I'm afraid that for copyright and technical reasons we can't make Word on the Street available for download.
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Great and funny video. Very useful learning aid. I've just sent it to my students! Hope they have fun.

It's really wonderful idea to give foreigners such nice informations about the UK! I've always been fascinated about the English language and this beautiful accent! Greetings from Poland for "AdamJK" (LearnEnglishTeam) :) 
I will be following all the new series of "Word on the Street" :).