It’s Valentine’s Day and Stephen convinces Ashlie to try speed dating. Does she meet someone special?

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Wow! It was funny,wasn't it?Ash was totally became a bit ...crazy when she saw the handsome man.But actually, do you think that would happen?Not for me,anway.In my country,I've never seen speed dating.Bye!

Hello, in task 1. The answer is Ashlie thinks that sending cards is a waste of time. But I can't find the reason in the transcript. Could you tell me the reason? Thanks.

Hello Leo Liu,

When Stephen asks Ash if she's going to send any cards she answers 'What's the point?' This tells us that she sees no point in doing this, which means that she thinks it is a waste of time (a pointless activity).



The LearnEnglish Team

Hi everyone.
This video is very funny and a bit real. Sometimes when we meet a person we like, we change our behavior and the risk is to seem a little stupid. In my country I think that Valentine's Day is a commercial one and no a celebration of true love! Bye

Valentin's day not many people celebrate in my coutry but many people know it as a celebration.
People in my country in fact meeting each other as in Britain.

Valentine's Day is popular in my country and even if it's a bit commercial, it's a nice occasion to celebrate love with your partner.

That's really funny, Ashley becomes talkative when she saw the handsome man.

Thanks, very nice and funny video, Yes in my country Peru , valentine day is very popular to many flowers to gift or any other present, pubs and bars become full of people, actually, I do not know if there are some dating agencies in my country.

come on man. Ashley is so underrated. everyone loves her.

Hi everybody
I laught a lot with the Ashly's potencial males... Sometimes is really difficult to find someone you can do a good "connection". In my country, Valentine's Day it's not very popular; however, it's a commercial day very important because Colombia exports a huge quantity of flowers around the world