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Don't get over-emotional

It's good to express your emotions but don't lose control!

In an interview situation it’s always good to express yourself and to convey your feelings, however there is a limit.  You don’t want to put yourself in a situation that causes you to become over-emotional and perhaps lose control – this could jeopardise the success of your whole interview.

In order to avoid this, think about the kind of things that you may be asked about in an interview that could cause you to get emotional – a pet that died recently, an exam you failed, an argument you had with a friend. By thinking about them in advance you can mentally prepare yourself to talk about them, or our best advice would be to try to avoid talking on these sensitive subjects altogether and wherever possible answer the question using a different example.


Thank you Peter so much ,really you helped me with your words and i am already now feel less stress. Thank you again.

Help me friends ,i am going to the ielets exam in 6 days from now and i think i am horrible .
please give me advices to pass this hard time.

Practice, Practice, Practice to achieve your dreams score on the IELTS examination

The IELTS is very easy if you follow the directions and step by step learning is the possible way to get the better score. liKe me I took up an IELTS exam for three times but I am continuing to learned here at the British Council team website and Now I've got 5 overall score for my third time of the test and thanks for giving us this kind of website that truly help us more power British Council team.

Oh, what interesting video! It has moved me, i liked the preparers, i'm also preparing myself for speaking test, but this has shown me all the faults of talking your emotional experiences.

Hello I am Triple A ,British Council since ever I joined it ,it has been my second    Home  and trust me when I am telling you this here we can learn and master English perfectly and it can be because because we are so many

Hello Abdalla_Adam_Abaker,
That's great to hear and I love your enthusiasm!
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hello English Learners;
How are you today? How is your progress of learning English? How are you enjoying summer? I hope you are doing well. I like summer so much. The long day light,the songs of the birds, the early morning sun rise, and the shiny and hot day of summer make me happy the whole day.
Today, I would like to write about a testimonial in my progress of learning English. I studied all my education in English and I did not have a problem of vocabulary. Although my word power was good I was not a good speaker. It was difficult to express ideas in brief and clear way. I used to use many jargon words which can be only used at school. Therefore, it was a bit difficult for me to express my idea in simple words and an easy expression. One day, I noticed all these problems and I decided to find a way to improve my spoken English. Then, I started to look up important English learning materials on the internet. I came across to different online material which can help me to  learn English in an easy and natural way. There are many amazing guys who devote their time to develop such kind of learning materials. On this occasion, I would like to appreciate their effort to produce such a valuable learning materials. 
Some of the important resources which helped me to improve my spoken English are BBC Learning English (6 minute English and all the other podcasts), British Council Elementary podcast(1.1-10 and 2.1-10) and VOA special English. Of course, there are also very funny teachers in youtube which really helped me to improve my spoken English. 
I could not be tired to listen Elementary podcast. It is really very compressive and easy to understand. It helps also to be be sarcastic in English. I know it is a risky business trying to be sarcastic in a foreign language but I recommend you to try after you listen this podcasts. You will be full of confident to say whatever you want to say.  I can not forget all the narrators. I really recommend to listen Elementary podcast for all you who want to listen a fun and entertaining English lesson. However, I am wondering the level of English in Elementary podcast is above elementary may be it is intermediate or upper intermediate English language level. Learning a language is like growing try. You can not be perfect in over night. Day by day step by step eventually you will notice the difference. 
Good Luck!!!
Learning English is Fun. I really enjoy learning English

Yes, I want learn !

i am gurwinder,,,,is there anyone who help me in speaking fluently english,,,,usually i 've to remembr words before speaking,,,,so plzzzzzzzz