Professionals Podcasts - eBay

Listen to this business school seminar from the year 2006 where the seminar leader talks about how eBay achieved its success.

Do the Preparation task first. Then listen to the audio. Next go to each Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the transcript at any time.



That's exellent report you can provide for our community. Now, we have some great marketplace, for instance: for source product from China and it's B2B website, forcus on intenational trade. And and are two great platform for user to do the own business. In some Asian countries, Ebay is not popular but in European countries or America, it's very polular. 

The online purchase are very useful because the people can save time and they don't have need to go shop. In Colombia the people are very suspicious to buy through internet but lately, the companies are implementing the online pay

Hi everybody
I am going to buy a professional camera by eBay, and here in Armenia there are people using eBay's services and they are satisfied with the results. The interest towards net shopping is growing now in Armenia. And it is good, because we are politically cut from outer world by our neighbors; Turkey and Azerbaijan, and sometimes when Russia has got problems with Georgia, again our truckers are left standing in the snow and wind having nowhere to spend a night and no security to leave their loads with.

Hello Gevorgyan,
It is sad what you've mentioned about Armenia's neighbors, I was born in a former republic of USSR and I know from our experience what does it means to have such neighbors. Even nowadays we are far from saying that all of the problems that have arisen from the very beginning of the independence of our country are solved, but I keep hoping that one day all of these will be in the past...
You was saying that your country is cut from outer world, but then how the purchased goods is being delivered to the buyers?

This article is very interesting and I've learned a lot. In Russia eBay is not famous online marketplace, we use most of all.

Very interesting, I just made some mistakes in task 2 using words as doesn't instead of does not. But its a beginning.

Many thanks for the opportunity to learn


I suppose in task 2/8 "and" is missing after word "buyers".

Yes, that's right. There was a problem with our exercise creator - it was eating words! We've fixed it now, so you should be able to see all the words fine.
Thanks for pointing out this problem.
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ebay has not get success in China, I don't know the reason, in China a local company named Taobao which carry on a same business with ebay. It seems that Taobao is better than ebay in China.

eBay wasn't successful in Poland to. Its position may change over the time though - eBay provides access to auctions from all over the world, while its Polish equivalent is bounded to Polish market only.  It's funny how important is to be first on the market. It is not enough to be first though. I know companies being first with an innovative idea on the market but who messed things up running their business.