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20 November, 2018 - 16:11
Hi Everyone, I go to the bank day in day out because I am banker this is my job.:) I went to school weekdays when I was teen. I was going to gym while my friends slept at home. I go to cinema once...
20 November, 2018 - 15:11
Hi Guys, Yes, I do .Actually, I go shopping al the time. ı need to food everyday. I go shopping when I finish my work. Exactly I buy some bread every evening.Because ı and my wife have dinnner with...
20 November, 2018 - 14:11
I'm 183cm and weigh 80kg. I have dark hair. My body is trained. Some girls think I'm handsome, others don't. My girlfriend is younger and shorter than me. She's slim and has blonde hair. She's...