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Shakespeare: Hamlet

Hamlet returns home to find his father has died. Zimbabwean actor Tonderai Munyevu explains how Hamlet is about a man who has to figure out what happened while he was away.


Do you know the names of these animals?

Word Wangler

Word Wangling is a collection of fun word games to help you look for patterns, shapes and relationships between letters and words.

Public relations

A public relations account executive talks about how she got into the area of public relations and about her job.

Fruit in a laboratory

If you are studying food science and need to write assignments, essays, etc., then these pages can help!


Even if you are asked what seems like a yes–no question, you are expected to say more.


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3 December, 2016 - 09:12
hi , I can not find the dictionary . please help me .
3 December, 2016 - 08:12
The houses in my country are completely different , it have more value but with less technology I really like this video because really keen on decoration.
3 December, 2016 - 08:12
Hi sambala, Yes, in this context it is used as a noun. 'A meet-up' is generally an informal or social meeting to which many are invited but at which attendance is not obligatory.   Best wishes,...