Rob and Ashlie have a great time looking into the future...

Task 1

Which way of talking about the future describes each sentence?


Task 2

Complete the sentence using the best future form.


Task 3

What information should you write down when you learn a new word? Put the example information with the type of information.





hi there,
question 4 of task 2: why don't we use present tense in this sentence like question 6?


Hello Rosie,

The difference is that sentence 4 is a prediction about the future whereas in sentence 6 the person has an arranged schedule for the next day. You can read more about this on our talking about the future and Future plans pages.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Thank you

Thank you.

This is great video! Also, I'd like to add that we can use Present Continuous for future arrangements if this event is in our diary. For example: "I'm watching new video tomorrow" ;-)

i couldnt understand the 3rd exercise, please help me to learn in order to do it. thanks

Hello Ayşən,

This exercise is about the different kinds of information you can include in a vocabulary notebook when recording a new word there. In this exercise, the word is 'unbelievable'. With most any new word, it's important to record its pronunciation, what kind of word (part of speech) it is, the different meanings and uses it has, example sentences, etc. If you click on Finish, you'll see the answers and I think the exercise will then make sense, but if not, please let us know.

Best regards,
The LearnEnglish Team

Thank u , mr Kirk, i understood and did the exercise. Thank u!

Hi all, I think this video learned to use the "will" and "be going to" but I need more exercises to understand well, since the "will" is used to predict or promise, but this i'll see well in English classes