Vocabulary exercises to help learn words to talk about nature.


Language level

Elementary: A2


I like to spend time near nature, forest, because it is healthly and keep me active.

I like to spend my time in near nature because i like nature very much.

I like natural envirnoment , because tree and animal can be friend with me,I like it very much!

i like to spend time near nature

I really like traveling with my friend to go to the beach for spend time and sometimes we are going to the forest to see a river, flower, tree dan fresh grass.

I like nature to spend my time because I feel fresh on the mountain and beach.

Different from many people I prefer spend my free time in the big city , In my opinion near nature like farm or countryside are good for one or two days to rest , after that it start to become boring and tedious , because there are nothing to do . in the city you have a lots of things to do and to go .

I like spend time at a forest or a island. I work 6 or 7 days in one week. So i want to rest. I can have a good time with nature, see animals life and breath the clean air. It will make me have energy to do my important things.

grass, flower, plant, tree.
hill, mountain, forest, sky, fire
island, river, sea.

I love nature so I like walking outdoors in the forest or on the beach. I love picnics with my family and my friends. I used to live in a big city and I really miss it, I would return...