Do the exercises and learn the words for some accessories.



I have a red coral neckless. When I look at it, I remember Egypt and how I swam past coral reefs in the Red Sea. This accassorie is special for me.I wear it with my red and white sweater mostly.

what is different between backpack and rucksack?

Hello anahita_1998,

A rucksack is generally large and is used for camping and hiking. 'Backpack' is a more general work which can also describe a bag used for work or school, for carrying books or a laptop etc.



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I usually use " I bought belt for my father " , is it more appropriate to say "I got belt...."?

Hi kontakt17,

'got' is more informal and also has a wider range of meanings (it can mean 'bought' or 'collected', for example), but there is nothing wrong with saying 'bought' instead of 'got'.

Please note you should say 'a belt' or 'the belt', however -- see rule 2 on our Articles 1 page, which explains why some kind of article is needed before 'belt'.

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Yes, I do. My necklaces are my favorite accessorice. My family give me a necklace every year on my birthday, and for me them are special.

When winter cames I wear my gloves and scarf

My favourite accessory is the rose quartz bracelet which I have got as a birthday present from my uncle. I wear it in every special occasion. Whenever I wear it, I feel like the lucky girl.

I like bracelet and long necklace. Sometime I make misangas - it is a kind of bracelet made of strings. Some people call it friendship-bracelet.

Well, I used to wear a cap when i was younger and didn't have luxuriant hair. But today the only one accessory i use in my everyday life is rucksack - i need it to carry my books when I go to school or on a trip.