Do the exercises and learn the words for some common actions.




I can speak, touch and look at the same time. I usually speak, look, eat and sleep.

I can write i listen to music at thesom time

I can laugh and cry at the same time, and I can write at the same time and listen and eat.

How many of these actions can you do at the same time? What other actions do you do most days?

I can write, listen, touch, look and smile at the some time. When I'm writing I'm also listening, watching and I can also smile.

In a cafeteria while you eat something small, you can watch and listen to the other person who is with you

I can eat and at the same time read in my telephone

I am a man, and I only can make one action at the same time...jajajaj....

I can read and smile at the same time when I read funny.I play the game and study language at my free time.

I do believe the most people do at the same time are speak and ( to pretend ) listen , people only wants to speak , like from the sounds of silence lyrics "People talking without speaking , People hearing without listening" , by the way I love this song .

I can't do actions at the same time it's really too difficult with me, i tried to do two actions at the same time but it isn't effective too. all day time i do a lot of working, in the morning, i go to school from 7:00 to 10:00 it lasts to 11;00. afternoon i do my homework and shuttlecock kicking with someone at my school, in the evening i have a diner with my familly and i sleep after 10'00 p.m.