Do the exercises and learn the words for some common actions.



I can listen, look and smile at the same time. I can speak and type or write or touch or draw, but it is rude when you speak to someone and don't look to them. Usually I eat and read something. When I sleep I don't do anything else.
Other daily actions that I practice every day are walking, washing, dresses ( or wearing), cooking, preparing meals, learning something new, thinking .. etc

I want to ask you, why did you named himself Kontakt17? What's means 17 ? )))

I can type and speak at the same time while I am listening to the music. I do almost all of the actions everyday except crying.

Hello. I think you cry lot of time in day, because your brain makes your eyes wet. It's same things like cry))) It's My opinion))

I agree with @NikolayB. All of these actions we do every day. All of these actions repeat and repeat. I wish all of us could listen better to each other and we practice to see the beautiful things in the world.

Very interesting question.)) All of these actions we do every day, some of them we do few time in day. You can ask me What about to cry? Yes, our tears came out to our eyes. They are too small and we don't feel them.. Oh.. I hope you understood me)))

i can speak, touch and smile at the same time. also, i can listen, look and draw a picture

I can speak, touch and look at the same time. I usually speak, look, eat and sleep.

I can write i listen to music at thesom time