Do these exercises and learn words for things at school.



my favorite subjects are maths science and istory

my favourite subjects were english and language. In this moment I don´t have any familiar at school, they are olders.

My favorite subject at school was History of Art. Yes they do. Most of my friends and family went to school.

My favourite subject at school was politics.
Yes, they do.All of my family went to school.

When I’m a student,My favourry subject at school was math,chemistry and physical

My favourite subject at school was Matematics and Geogrphy.

My favorite subject at school was mathematics, actually I am studying mathematics.

my favourite subject at school was mathematics and physical Science , I know most of people doesn´t like these subjects but a really like them .
I don´t go to school anymore , but my wife has been studying since last year and now a help her in maths

My favorite subject in the school was the electronic , and my son is in the kinder garden right now.

My favourite subjects at school were literature, Russian language and drawing.My niece go to school.She study 9 Foam.