Big City Small World

In this audio soap set in London a group of young people from around the world share their lives over a cup of coffee.

  • The architect's company Magda works for is listed for a prize, and Magda's design is going to surprise everyone. And how are things going between Fadi and Olivia? Written by Chris Rose.

  • The start of Series 3 brings bad news. Tony's Café has been burgled! Or has it?

    Written by Chris Rose.

  • Carlos and Sarah's second date doesn't turn out great either. Will their relationship work out?

    Written by Chris Rose.

  • Carlos and Sarah's first date turns out to be a disaster! What exactly has happened?

    Written by Chris Rose.

  • Sarah finally agrees to go out with Carlos but they have no idea where to go. And is Fahdi really jealous of Harry for spending a lot of time with Olivia?

    Written by Chris Rose.


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Season 3 is here! The team is back with a new episode. There's lots of drama and language to listen to this season. Find out the latest about the characters you know and listen out for news from three new characters this season.

If you have any questions about Big City Small World, take a look at the FAQ page (frequently asked questions). Big City Small World FAQ

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Peter M

Hello hamideh323,

Normally, 'natural resources' refers to things a country might possess...

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Hello and thanks alot to learn english team
What dose harry mean by saying ( use our own...

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Hello everyone my name is Nabaz from Kurdistan of Iraq .I'm a new member here. Hopefully it...

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