Series 1 Episode 1 - Meeting Friends


In this first episode our friends meet up in a café.



Do the vocabulary activity below before you listen. Then listen to the episode and do the first two tasks to check your understanding. Finally, practise some grammar in Tasks 3 and 4. You can read the transcript at any stage if you want.


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I really happy.. I am new on this and try to learn English . can any one help me. I want to read short stories with there questions.

Hello The LearnEnglish Team,

There is a comma after the word "actually" in the sentence:
"Actually, I’m not really here to eat, or anything"

But There was not a comma in the sentence:
"I’m just supposed to be meeting someone here actually..."


Hugs from Brazil

Hello isahbts,

The adverb here is an example of what is called a 'sentence adverb' or, sometimes, a 'disjunct'. It is an adverb which describes the speaker's view of what they are saying. Sentence adverbs are most often placed at the beginning of a sentence, in which case they are followed by a comma. If they are placed elsewhere in the sentence then they can have commas before and after them (if in the middle); generally if they are used at the end of the sentence then there is a comma before them. However, the adverb 'actually' is often used without commas if it is not at the beginning of the sentence.

Actually, he said it was OK.

He actually said it was OK.

He said it was OK, actually.

Happily, we won the match.

We happily won the match.

We won the match, happily.

Best wishes,



The LearnEnglish Team

I love learning English. This series is very interesting and very complete contents. Recommend register for this learning.
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Franklin Mendoza

It is my first time and I like it. a little difficult to start learning English but I find this well-designed content.

grow grew grown........hear heard heard.......hit hit hit......
ride rode ridden......""""go went gone""""
can you say why??
why we use went?what relation is between "go" and "went"??