Interview advice from poor Johnny the injured footballer. Written by Chris Rose.

Do the Preparation task first. Then listen to the audio. Next go to each Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.




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Hmm, job interviews, it's a long past to me, and now I'm a freelance, I needn't take any more interviews, and how I hate wearing tie! When I was working for a private school, I sometimes had an argument over if I needed to put on a tie... I loathe formal suits...

first time use this website, it's so helpful.

It is the first time that I use this platform and it's very helpful. I'm already enjoying studying English on this site.

am in a cloud nine. It is very helpfull excercises


I couldn't find same word of "type" from episode in the Task 3. I wrote "formal" but it is wrong. Which word is it?

Thank you very much.


Hello saagi,

After you enter at least one answer you can click the 'Finish' button at the bottom of the task. You will then see another button marked 'Show answers', which will let you see the correct answers to all questions.


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Dear Team of British Council web site,

I'm doing The Big City Series 1 episode 9. I like The Big City Series very much. But now I have problem with the web site, when I do The Preparation and The Task the website don't have the summit button, answer button. I don't see these button support me when I do my activity.

Please help me for that !

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Hello Xucon1113,

I'm sorry for the inconvenience and thanks very much for telling us about this. Would you mind telling us what device and browser you're using (and if you know how to find it, what version of the browser it is)? We're working to fix this, but in the meantime you might be able to solve this problem by changing browsers or devices temporarily.

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I see, thank you for your answer!