Series 2 Episode 9 - New Year's Resolutions


Everyone is talking about their New Year's resolutions but why does Carlos feel so shy about mentioning his?

Written by Chris Rose.


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i had have many plans for a new year, but from now i still perform them yet. i feel i fail completedly in this year. i feel a bit frustrated, but i'll try more and more to achieve many success in the near future.

It's grate and interesting story to learn English, I found it's very fun and easy to learn some very common but colloquial expressions, I have learned and lisen to the stroy from series one, and the course incearsed the difficault gradually, thanks for the team's grate job! I really like it.

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Wow, we are blushing here at LearnEnglish from your lovely compliments! Thank you very much and good luck with your English studies.
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Hi Avery one ....
I'm new here and I love learning English...
Thanks for excellent page.....