Richard visits one of the world's largest science museums and the Wellcome Medical Museum, and finds out how British scientists, engineers and doctors have shaped our understanding of the world.

Task 1

At which museum does Richard see these things?


Task 2

Which is the best answer for each of the questions?


Task 3

Complete the sentences from the video by matching the halves.


Task 4

Which of these words can be used as synonyms? There are always at least three right answers.






Dear Kirk,
May I ask a question about pronunciation. In the text, in the 1st introduction of Mr. Roger about the museum, he says " this is the science museum". He pronounces "the" here as if it were before a vowel. That makes me confused because that is not what I have known as well as what I have been taught. Would you explain why and when we can pronounce like that?
Many thanks.

Hello le hoang dong,

'the' can also be pronounced that way to emphasise something. In this case, Roger's emphasis means that this is the most important science museum in the UK.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team


Dear Kirk,

Thank you for teaching me English. I wish you and your colleagues all the best.
Mary Christmas and Happy New Year.


Hello Nhung,

You're very welcome! We also wish you the best and look forward to seeing you here again on LearnEnglish.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Of course yes. I like to study English. I would ask you if i did not understand any meaning of sentence.

Hello teachers ^^!

I am learning English so my commend cannot be exact 100%. Therefore I hope that you can help me to correct my mistakes I can face. Thank you so much !!

In my country, there are many museums but it cannot as modern and professional as two museums in London above. Friendly speaking, I have never been engaged by museums and I think that I will never enter the museum, but now when i saw this video I desire I can visit those museum once. And this give me more promotion to achieve my goal is "Learn English, Practice English well and come to London"

Thank you for your reading.

Not so long ago the new museum of popular science and technology called ‘Experimentanium’ was opened in the capital of Ukraine, in Kyiv. It houses only 250 objects, which is nothing compared to The Science Museum in London, but I think it can still show very interesting interactive exhibits to many curious people.
I’m sure that every significant scientific discovery of the 20th century has had a huge influence on the world and humanity in particular. I think there were many of them but in my opinion such inventions as the personal computer, the automobile, the airplane, discovery of penicillin and expansion of the internet are among the most important ones. I consider the television to be helpful and entertaining only in quite a few cases.
Well, knowledge is truly one of the most important things in the world because, I think, an intelligent person can solve many life problems and overcome most hardships in a more sensible way, saving the precious time and one’s own health and enjoying life to the fullest.

Unfortunately we don`t have specialized museums in Syria. The biggest museum is the National one, where you can find many historical icons such as the alphabet of Ugarit, the first alphabet found ever. Also you can find skeletons of the ancient people found in Syria and many other interesting things.
Many important innovations and discoveries were made in the 20th century, computers, internet, electron microscope, vaccines to mention a little. To me the most important one is the internet as it made life pretty easier, you can travel the world and discover it by just a click.
In every field of life Knowledge is power, I believe. Knowledge along with hard work has always been the generator of any discovery and success in life.

By the way, I have another question (and thank you in advance LearnEnglish Team) (:

I once read from a proofreader's memoir that comma should be placed before the word AND when we separate phrases, or words in a sentence

She was young, beautiful, kind, and intelligent.

but I remember that we were taught in school to ommit the comma before the AND word (or I could be remembering wrong).

This really confuses me. I hope ypu can enlighten me once again.

Thank you. (:

There are Science Museums in my country and are always the go-to places for educational field trips of grade school students and even high school students. And it's always a fun experience to learn new things by visiting museums.

There are a lot of scientific and technological advancements in the 20th century such as the invention of electron microscope, discovery of diseases, vaccines, and antibiotics, invention of Xrays, CT Scans, Einstein's theories, Rocket Sciences discoveries (of stars, planets and other galaxies), colored televisions, computers, and a whole lot more, that tremendously changed the world and thereafter resulted to the kind of lifetyles that we have at this modern age.

Knowledge is very important. And as they say, knowledge is power. It makes us curious, creative, resourceful, critical and more. However, I think there are other things or concepts that are as important as knowledge- like for example, Love is an important thing too. And perhaps, when one loves to learn, then that LOVE becomes the motivation for acquiring KNOWLEDGE.