It's party time for Ashlie and Stephen - but which costumes to choose?




Hi Team.
Help me with these, please..
1. It's party time for Ashlie and Stephen, but which costumes to choose?
Why is it " to choose" not " to be chosen" ? I mean, Souldn't it be passive voice?
2. In the video time code 2:40, Ashlie says:
Are you sure you're reading the instructions properly?
Why does Ashlie say in the present continuous tense? In fact, they aren't reading at the moment, they're practicing. Shouldn't it be present perfect?
" Are you sure you've read the instructions properly "?
Would you like to explain, please?
Thank you.

Hello Nizam,

Regarding 1, it's Ashlie and Stephen who are going to choose, so I'd say an active infinitive is more appropriate than a passive one.

As for 2, you could use the present perfect in this situation and that would be fine, but the present continuous is also fine because it can be used to refer to events around the present moment. In addition, consider that Stephen just complained about the tricks not working (in the present continuous), so Ashlie's response goes in line with that.

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In Hallowe'en traditions, people wear costumes and try to frighten their friends. Others try to make magic tricks. They have a Hallowe'en party together.
Children in costumes come to ask for candies saying "Trick or treats".
I can't do any magic tricks.

Thank you for the answer.
Can you please help with the another part of this question; There is famous Hollywood sign which IS STANDING or STANDS above the hill.
We normally say e.g. The earth GOES round the sun. If you say something is going round another. It means it is probably temporary. So from this point of view STANDS seems right. Am I quite right?

Hello Must,

I would agree that the simple form is most appropriate in these examples. The progressive form is possible and might be used when you want, for some reason, to emphasise that it is an ongoing process. For example, you might say that the sign 'is still standing' after an earthquake, or say that the Earth 'is going' around the Sun at this very moment.


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The LearnEnglish Team

Actually both answers seem right depending on what you want to say. If we consider it exactly for that tear then it's - was having otherwise had is possible.
Thank you.

thank you for the answer.
I think it must be: was having and is standing.
Actually I work as a teacher, but since it s not my native sometimes we can't be sure.
Thank you for the help.

Hello Must,

That's right, both 'was having' and 'had' are possible in that context. 'had' is a more general statement, and 'was having' emphasises that the problem was occurring at that time. In the end, it's no real difference in meaning, just a difference in the way you think about it.

Thanks for explaining your position. Still, it's really helpful if you explain what you think about each question you ask, as this helps us answer more effectively. By the way, as a teacher, you might want to check out our sister site, TeachingEnglish.

All the best,
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Hello, if it s possible can anyone answer this question: which one is correct?

In 1911 Hollywood was voted to become part of Los-Angeles, because it HAD or WAS HAVING problems with its water supply. There is famous Hollywood sign which IS STANDING or STANDS above the hills.

If it s not convenient to ask these kind of questions here, could you please, tell me a link where I can send my questions, Thank you.

Hello Must,

We're happy to help our users with questions, but we ask that they be related to the page you ask them on, and also that you explain to us what you think the answer is. This looks like homework, which we generally don't do - we are all teachers here and so we know it's important for students to do their homework!

So if you'd like to tell us what you think the answers are, we'll be happy to tell you if they're correct or not and why. 

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