Modern-day authors cast their own spells, too, and Richard visits a very magical place to find out about contemporary English writers.

Task 1

Which is the best summary of the video?


Task 2

Watch the video again, and choose the best answer.


Task 3

Drag and drop the words to complete the sentences.


Task 4

Complete the paragraph about Philip Pullman by typing the missing words into the spaces.






hello guys, i'm here! I am a big fan of harry poter books and i'd like to visit all places you showed here. I think its amaizing to travel around Britain with your team and take interviews with realy interesting pesons. Thanks so much

AS to me, Harry Potter is fantastic, such a great story caught people all over the world having one and only aim - to get a LETTER from Hogwarts.
Unfortunately I am not familiar with other books/writers mentioned in this short video. Maybe one day I'll read them.
And maybe I will write something one day...who knows.

To tell the truth, I’m not a big fan of Harry Potter and it’s probably because I’ve never seen any movies or read any books featuring this character. I’m just not a big fan of fantasy although I really like to watch it in a movie theater. ‘Lord of the rings’ is one of my favourites so far.
Actually, I like to write from time to time and have written a few short stories already. I expressed some of my thoughts and attitudes towards a few particular subjects, using fiction characters and situations to did so. Not all of my friends are lucky enough to escape from me insisting on their feedbacks as a readers :)
The process of writing is hardly ever the easy one. But, as for me, I really like it and hope that it’ll become my profession, or at least a part-time job, one day.

Hello, The LearnEnglish Team.
According to the video there is an unnecessary 'I think' phrase in this sentence:
"Amanda: I think above all, I think she's reminded the world that the British are great storytellers. " (Transcript)
All the best,

Hello Dima,

Yes, you are correct. Thank you for pointing this out - I have updated the transcript on the page.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

Thank you very much for this GREAT video about Harry Potter. Anyway, I think the Sherlock Holmes books are a great idea. Can you make another video about these books?

Hello khai,

Thank you very much for your lovely comment and for your suggestion, which we will bear in mind when we add new content to this part of the site.

You might be interested in this page, which is about Sherlock Holmes (especially the last video).


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

These videos are very interesting. Thank you so much!

I absolutely agree that Britain has the world's best writers in all of history! And J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter series is undeniably one of them. I can't remember how many times I've read and reread these books but it's definitely on the top of my favorites list. I think Harry Potter is popular because it appeals to all ages and of course the story itself was brilliant. I knew it is intended for children but it is too good of a series to pass out. J.K. Rowling truly changed my life. I can never imagine a world without Harry Potter and the world within this book.

Anyways, I've also read most of the writer's books mentioned except that of Cressida Crowell (How to Train your Dragon). His Dark Materials Trilogy was my recent favorite.

I think I can write a novel if only I have the time and resources, and when that happens that would be a big tick off from my long bucketlist.

Thank you very much for this video about Harry Potter. It was really interesting! That's my all time favourite book! I think it is so popular because it's wriiten so simple and cool! The language is modern and nice. I've read "Harry Potter" books and "Olver Twist" book and I loved them very much! I don't think I can write something like a novel but I'm writing a fanfic now. And I'm trying to do my best although I don't have enough free time for this.