Julia and Sammy meet in a cycling accident! Then they want the same taxi. Will they get on?





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No, it is pronounced as a vowel. You can hear the pronounciation of the word on this dictionary page.

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nice, i think it is helpfull to learn english well

no i haven't

I always meet peoples unusual!!!

Have you ever met someone in an unusual way? How? If you have a partner, how did you meet them?
I haven't met anyone in an unusual way. I am married. I met my husband when he came to visit his cousin because I was a her roommate. We stayed together when we were students.

I did not meet someone in an unusual way.

I met to my girlfriend in a party. It was a great night. I remember that situation and I feel so happy. Because now she is my wife and we have 2 children. It was a good choose.

I haven't met someone in an unusual way, but, recently I met a new friend he´s a doctor. We met in a public bar. I was celebrating with some friends the Paola's Birthday, she's a partner from university. Nowadays, I'm going out with the guy.

no,i have not but i wish

No, I have not. I met my husband in college. When i met him honestly didn't liking me, moreover i had boyfriend. But in a short time, he asks me if I would like to go to party with him and I agreed to go as friends. Then we begun to go out and somethig strange passed because over time I start to fall in love of him. And when I realized it, I broke up with the boyfriend to be single. When I told my now husband "hey I have news: I have not boyfriend anymore" he inmediatly declarated his love for me. Finally of course, we got married.