Why do we use adverbials?

We use adverbs to give more information about the verb.

We use adverbials of manner to say how something happens or how something is done:

The children were playing happily.
He was driving as fast as possible.

We use adverbials of place to say where something happens:

I saw him there.
We met in London.

We use adverbials of time to say when or how often something happens:

They start work at six thirty.
They usually go to work by bus.

We use adverbials of probability to show how certain we are about something.

  • Perhaps the weather will be fine.
  • He is certainly coming to the party.


Try these tasks to practice your use of adverbials.

Task 1


Task 2


Task 3




I think this is a great site to learn and to practice. I have a question. What are the basic rules to use correctly conjunctions, prepositions and adverbs to contrast ideas correctly? thanks a lot!!

it is very brief and useful

This is very useful and helpful in every possible way, I have benefited alot from this grammer excercise in my study of English

I  agree with you that  benefit lots of from  this grammar exercise.

i just want little more exercises .
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good to have such exercises.
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tanx.can you  write more example about all of the grammar?

This site is very useful to learn English properly and methodically.

 A simple but good for daily language activity.. 
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