It's the end of Series 4! Carolina tells Emily she’s going to miss her while she studies in France. But will she be missing Jamie too? What’s Jamie going to do? Jo and Adam look at different ways of speaking about the future. It’s goodbye until the next series!

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  • What did you enjoy most in the story of Carolina and her friends?
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I've listened the 4 series in 3 weeks! Adam and Jo are great presenters! But I miss Tess and Ravi and the old way of podcasts (from series 1 and 2). I miss the games, mainly Hot Seat. I laughed aloud on the subway and on the bus. I can't wait to listen the next series! Please, come soon! And Carolina, of course!

I'm absolutely agree with you. I really love the format of series 1 and 2. I also miss the joke of Gordon, My son laughed a lot when I told him story about the rabbit and butcher. He asks me tell him funny stories everynight from the day he heard that.
My speaking skill improves from 5.5 to 6.5 in the IELTS test thanks to listenning this podcast.
I'm waiting for the series 5. I hope Carolina with be ok. She is very nice.

Hello Jolie To (and Sonhikrams),

Thanks for your feedback – it's really great to know that the podcasts made you laugh and that you think they helped you raise your IELTS score so dramatically! As I mentioned to Arpan below, I'm afraid it will be quite some time before the fifth series is ready, but we'll certainly make it as soon as we can.

Thanks again for taking the time to let us know how much you enjoy Elementary Podcasts!

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Just waiting for series five. Hoping it will be published soon..

Thanks and regrets
Arpan Shrestha

Hello Arpan Shrestha,

We definitely plan to produce a fifth series, but I'm afraid it will be quite some time before we're able to release it. We'd really like to release it sooner, but it takes quite a lot of preparation for our small team to produce each series. In any case, thanks for letting us know – it's always helpful to know that people are looking forward to the next series!

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

I'm confused from this website

Hello big,

Is there something particular which confuses you? Perhaps we can help.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team


Is there any 'App' for using this site?
I feel difficulty when I use it from one of links.

Hello maqsoodahmedmagsi,

There are a number of apps available on LearnEnglish. Please visit our Apps page to see them all.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

I like this website so much.It is a good start to improve my English to be professional.