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Image Title Level Topics Grammar Section
76 You're hired

Episode 3

B1 business You're Hired
77 Motivation in the workplace

Motivation in the workplace

business, motivation
B2 business, motivation Grammar: prepositions Professionals Podcasts
78 A fried breakfast, coffee and orange juice

Election Breakfast

food, politics
B2 food, politics Overcooked
79 Image

Series 2 Episode 3 - Harry's New Girlfriend

love & relationships
A2, B1 love & relationships Grammar: prepositions Big City Small World
80 Olivia from BCSW

Series 2 Episode 1 - Fingers Crossed

A2, B1 Grammar: phrasal verbs (prepositions, particles), Grammar: infinitives (with, without 'to') Big City Small World
81 Magazine article image

Danger: bird bath!

B2 Magazine
82 Penny Sweets

Penny Sweets

children & childhood, food
B2 children & childhood, food Overcooked
83 You're hired

Episode 9

business, job interviews
B1, B2 business, job interviews You're Hired
84 Stories image


B1 stories Grammar: adjectives Stories & Poems
85 Baubles and Christmas decorations

Tell Me about Christmas - Part 1

food, Christmas
B2 food, Christmas Overcooked
86 Two characters from Big City Small World

Series 1 Episode 10 - You'll be a shoo-in!

job interviews
B1 job interviews Grammar: prepositions Big City Small World
87 You're hired

Episode 4

B1 employability You're Hired

My two cats

animals, cats, pets
B2 animals, cats, pets I wanna talk about...

Past Continuous and Past Simple

A2 Grammar: past simple, Grammar: present progressive
90 Word on the Street

Word on the Street

91 A Game of Go

A Game of Go

B1 stories Stories & Poems

Multiple Intelligences

B1, B2 business Business Magazine
93 BCSW - Good news & bad news

Series 1 Episode 12 - Good News & Bad News

jobs, homes, plans, career
B1 jobs, homes, plans, career Grammar: participle adjectives, Grammar: articles (a, an, the, zero) Big City Small World
94 English for Medicine – A Doctor's View

English for Medicine – A Doctor's View

healthcare & medicine
B2 healthcare & medicine Professionals Podcasts
95 Image

Series 2 Episode 4 - Save the Café!

A2, B1 Big City Small World
96 Magazine article image


B1 Magazine

Present Perfect

B1 Grammar: present perfect simple
98 Magazine article image

"Feeding the world" why we need rice

B1 food Magazine

Series 3 Episode 5 - Environmental Issues

B1 Big City Small World

Series 3 Episode 8 - Speculate To Accumulate

B1 Big City Small World