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Image Title Level Topics Grammar Section
151 UK Culture: What's a University Education Worth?

What's a University Education Worth?

B2 UK Culture

Series 2 Episode 10 - A Date

A2, B1 Grammar: adjectives, Grammar: adverbs, Grammar: word order in sentences Big City Small World
153 UK Culture: Student Money

Student Money

B1 UK Culture
154 Professionals Podcasts - Complaining


B2 Professionals Podcasts
155 UK Culture: New words

New words

B2 UK Culture
156 You're hired

Episode 6

business, job interviews
B1, B2 business, job interviews You're Hired
157 Elementary Podcasts

Series 03 Episode 20

B1 Grammar: present progressive Elementary Podcasts
158 Professionals Podcasts - Relationship-building


B2 Professionals Podcasts

Business and ethics

business, ethics
B1, B2 business, ethics Business Magazine
160 Acupuncture


alternative medicine, healthcare & medicine
B2 alternative medicine, healthcare & medicine Magazine
161 A Visitor to The Star

A Visitor to The Star

countries, stories, africa
B1 countries, stories, africa Stories & Poems
162 A smart phone

Mobile phones

information society, technology, telephones
B1 information society, technology, telephones Magazine

Primary Purposes

Writing for a Purpose
164 UK Culture: Manners


B2 UK Culture
165 Professionals Podcasts - Conference calls

Conference calls

B2 Grammar: prepositions Professionals Podcasts
166 Word Wangler

Word wrangling


Change management

business, change
B1, B2 business, change Business Magazine

Comparing and contrasting – modifying comparatives

B1 Grammar: much, far, a little, lots + comparatives
169 Stories image

Elephants, Bananas and Aunty Ethel

B2 stories Stories & Poems

Series 3 Episode 2 - A Prize

B1 Big City Small World
171 An open book

Ten years without books

books & literature, education
B2 books & literature, education Magazine
172 A Wall in Naples

A Wall in Naples

B2 poems Stories & Poems
173 Animal conservation

Animal conservation

animals, environment, conservation
B2 animals, environment, conservation Magazine
174 An opera mask and some roses

The comeback

stories Stories & Poems
175 Aeroplanes and global warming

Aeroplanes and global warming

transport, travel, global warming, global problems
B2 transport, travel, global warming, global problems Magazine