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Image Title Level Topics Grammar Section
176 Change management

Change management

scientific research
B2 scientific research Professionals Podcasts
177 UK Culture: Population and Demographics

Population and Demographics

politics & government
B1 politics & government Grammar: pronouns & nouns, Grammar: use of 'it' UK Culture
178 Professionals Podcasts - Line management

Line management

B2 Professionals Podcasts

Future continuous & Future perfect

B2 Grammar: future perfect, Grammar: future progressive
180 Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence

emotional intelligence
B2 emotional intelligence Professionals Podcasts
181 A Quick Guide to Dance

A Quick Guide to Dance

B2 dance Magazine
182 World Heritage

World Heritage

around the world
B1 around the world Magazine
183 Magazine article image

Amelia Earhart

adventures, famous people
B1 adventures, famous people Magazine
184 A sandalwood elephant

Collecting things

collecting things, hobbies & leisure, travel
B2 collecting things, hobbies & leisure, travel Magazine
185 Christmas – the good, the bad and the ugly

Christmas – the good, the bad and the ugly

B1 Magazine
186 Magazine article image

Consumer society

shopping, consumerism
B1 shopping, consumerism Magazine
187 Mountain Fable

Mountain Fable

B1 poems Stories & Poems
188 The Blind Boy

The Blind Boy

B2 poems Stories & Poems
189 Red dice

Beginner's Luck

finance & banking
B1 finance & banking Stories & Poems
190 The Bright Dresses

The Bright Dresses

B2 poems Stories & Poems
191 Professionals Podcasts - Work burnout

Work burnout

B2 Professionals Podcasts
192 Professionals Podcasts - eBay


B2 Professionals Podcasts
193 Developing creativity

Developing creativity

business, creativity
B2 business, creativity Grammar: word order in sentences Professionals Podcasts
194 A man skiing

The Skier

B2 stories Stories & Poems

My strange encounter with a wild pig

B1, B2 animals I wanna talk about...
196 Creepy Crawlies

Creepy Crawlies

insects, fears & phobias
B2 insects, fears & phobias Magazine
197 A spilt pill bottle

On Chloris being ill

B2 poems Stories & Poems
198 The Seven Ages of Man

The Seven Ages of Man

B2 poems Stories & Poems
199 a bunch of daffodils

I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud…

B2 poems Grammar: very, too Stories & Poems
200 Managing conflict

Managing conflict

B2 Professionals Podcasts