It’s Valentine’s Day and Stephen convinces Ashlie to try speed dating. Does she meet someone special?

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Thanks, very nice and funny video, Yes in my country Peru , valentine day is very popular to many flowers to gift or any other present, pubs and bars become full of people, actually, I do not know if there are some dating agencies in my country.

come on man. Ashley is so underrated. everyone loves her.

Hi everybody
I laught a lot with the Ashly's potencial males... Sometimes is really difficult to find someone you can do a good "connection". In my country, Valentine's Day it's not very popular; however, it's a commercial day very important because Colombia exports a huge quantity of flowers around the world

Valentine's day is very popular in my country.
Lovers often meet at the restaurant, sometimes they stay at home and make a candle lit dinner.
I use to think that's a little bit commercial.

Hello guyz I think that we have to love our partner for all the year and not only for one day,
in fact I know lots of people are impolite and when comes Valentine's Day they decide to become suddenly kind, polite and romantics. In my opinion we've lost the meaning of this particular day because people think that it's everything " ok " giving a rose or eating out.

the love is always not just for one day

it is really fine and funny video, where to learn a new phrases and have fun, isn't it ?

Yes, Valentine’s Day is a popular tradition in my country and it is an excellent opportunity of doing a roaring trade for restaurants, jewellers and florists.
People usually meet in my country through the friends, the schoolmates and the relatives, or in the discotheques; but the meetings by means of the social networks are always getting more frequent.

Dear Admin,

In the video, the man say " ..girl who likes doing housework. Someone who’d like to wash my clothes, do my ironing". Why don't he say " ..girl who likes doing housework. Someone who like washing my clothes, doing my ironing "? or " girl who 'd like to do housework. Someone who’d like to wash my clothes, do my ironing...".
Please clarify for me.

Many thanks,

Hello thaivan,

The two forms here are:

[like + verb-ing] - likes doing 

[would like + to verb] - would like to wash

We use [like + verb-ing] when we are talking about something which is always true - a preference or a habit, for example. When we say a girl who likes doing housework we are talking in general terms - she enjoys this.

We use [would like + to verb] when we are talking about a particular situation. When we say a girl who would like to do housework we are talking about one time or one particular job, not about her preferences in general.


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