English4Employability Competition

The British Council SEE Into the Future: Skills, Entrepreneurship and Employment in the 21st Century initiative offered an opportunity to take part in the SEE Into the Future – English4Employability competition with the prize of a two week English language course in the UK!

The competition is now closed, but you can still read the entries in the comments below.

Winners and runners-up

The winners and runners-up of the competition can be found on the See into the Future Language Competition page. Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winners!


The competition Terms and Conditions are also still available to read.

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Hi!I would like to answer this question.Nowadays if you now English it means that 1/3 China can understand you and also England ,U.S.A etc. I have A lot of dreams and to realize it i need money .money come frob job.JOb needs English Skills. I want to travel to Singapore thats way i need money.Taking everything in account THe answer to The question : For fun . For better life

I would like to begin with the fact that English is used by 1.500.000.000 people around the world. It's a real version of Esperanto (language which is made to be used by everyone)! There is no person in the world who has never learned, heard, used or saw some English words. Why wouldn't we increase that number? That would be the opportunity for every single person in the world to find someone new, someone who is just as him/her. I've heard many times how people say they are lonley or that they can't find their soulmate.. But everyone has it! It is maybe on the other continent or timezone.. so this language has that power to help us. English is already everywhere(internet, TV, tourism, culture etc.), we only have to catch the opportunity to learn it and let the Universe split us all :)

English is very important to me on my job and that's why i want to improve my language.i work as a caseworker and i have to travel different countries,so i meet new people by different nationalities and cultures.Even thought i use to translate English texts a lot on my job,and if i win this competition it will help me a lot on improving my language.
thank you very much.

I whant to inprove my English because i am teacher in kindegarden, which is international school for forgien children. Its difficult to answer on all qustin that they have if i don' know english language perfectly.

I could say I need English for my employment because employers in my country do not speak English and since I hopelessly desire to be hired by anybody in the UK, knowledge of English language may prove useful. I could also point out the fact that the lack of ability to tell a potential employer such simple words as 'You have my thanks' or 'I am so sorry' in English might end up signing a chanceful contract and we do not want that, do we? And finally I could tell you more of these, but I won't. Thank you!

English has become more than a tool for communication. Now it represents the language of business, science and world politics. Ten years ago English was a valuable asset for an employee. Now it is more of a default asset you have to posses if you are eventually not a native speaker and have measurable professional ambitions. For me, as a young researcher, English is a door to hidden scientific achievements and practices as Ukraine lacks of thereof. It is one of the means that will bring me closer to my professional and personal goals.

English is the most commonly used language among foreign language speakers. Throughout the world when people with different languages come together they commonly use English to communicate, if you can read in English, you will have more access to the f you can read in english, you will have more access to information than your non-english speaking friends, plus If you increase your English proficiency, you often will be able to get a new job, a better job or a promotion where you are working, so english is everywhere even in music in education , so why not take the chance and learn english.

English is the language of business, and I am sure that will open up the world to me in nearly any field of employment. Learning English will mean that I will be able to communicate with all international partners and have the opportunity to learn and have access in a lot of free books that are provided in English language, and for sure I will be an asset to my company. The benefits of learning English are having more employment opportunities, cultural understanding, and better opportunity to live anywhere in the world or to have a better standard of living.

The question is easy and difficult at the same time, and the answer is evident and hidden as well. Day to day I work with English texts at my work, but the more I learn, the more I realize how little I know and how much I need to master my English skills, especially speaking. I believe that the courses can quench my linguistic deprivation and will allow me to improve my English in order to be more qualified specialist in my field.

I want to improve my english knowledge because i am a medical practitioner just graduated and in this days to be up to data in medicine,you have to be really good at english. So i saw this publication and i hope that i will have the opportunity to participate in this two week English language course in the UK.Have a nice day.