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Introducing your friends, Angelina Jolie, things you can find in a kitchen, Central Park in New York, celebrities working for charity, etc.

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hello, i need help. i can't download the audio. i don't know what happened. who can help me ?Thanks!

Hello everybody! Where can I find the text to the audio file? I am also not able to find audio files to the topic Big City Small World.

I think working for chariry is a good thing to do.every body doing is working for god. Even if I have ican do it too.

Me i agree with those celebrities that really work to stop poverty.

Hi elementary popcasts,

Me i like the beach on my island, in summer that's amazing you got the sea, the blue sky, the yellow sand and the hot sun. And apart from that some hotels offers some activities like hiking in forests, swimming with the dolphins, parachute jump etc....
You can see some pictures of our beautiful island on

Hi the elementary popcasts,
This is my first post so don't be tough with me please.

So i'll like to meet Celine Dion because she's the fisrt singer that make me love music.I admire her since i was 6 years old, i really like her. When so appears in front of the screen she's so natural and herself.
She is a great mum n a good wife, she's don't act like other stars that runs after money and everytime the rumors is about the same one. Celine Dion is a great singer with a golden voice.

iwant to start with elementary podcast,there are many topics what can i do for improving my english? what are your suggestion. thanks for your help

Prato della Valle is the most famous square in Padua, a town located near Venice and not so far from Verona. It is the second biggest square in Europe with a surface of 88.620 square meters, where all the people can go for different activities. First of all, the square is frequented by the tourists, that find a peaceful atmosphere in the historic and religious heart of the city (St. Anthony’s is 5 minutes by walk).
On Saturdays there is a crowded market with various type of goods: clothes, plants, food, antiques and usually many people spend there some hours of their free time. The square is also utilized for concert and particular events, as fireworks display in St. Sylvester Night or on August, 15th (National Holiday in Italy). Some sportive events, often skating and cycling, usually start or finish there, because there is a great space to host infrastructures and supporters.
From the historic side, the current configuration is the result of many interventions. The space existed from the Middle Age but in the 18th century the design and the organization became similar to nowadays.
I like it, especially at the sunset in spring season, because the colours are very nice: the green of the field has a particular impact with the water of the channel and of the fountain and the surrounding buildings reflect a special light!

In my opinion the truth is a mix of the things that people talked about in the podcast. I think it is important that charities get some money and it is a fact that celebrities have it. At the same time, many medias give them publicity and this is an error. The real charity must be unpublicized. I believe that if someone helps a person, this support must remain in the heart and in the mind of the two people, without form of promotion. Charity is good if there are not personal gains for the benefactor!

This is my first post. I'm sorry, I know that my English is not good and I'm here in order to improve it. Probably in my homework there will be a lot of errors, but I hope to reduce them in the future:-)
Thank you for the patience and for your kindly cooperation.

Exercise Section 2.
I’d like to meet Meryl Streep. She is a famous American actress and she has recited in several important films, such as Kramer vs Kramer, The Devil Wears Prada, The Manchurian Candidate, The Iron Lady, Mamma Mia and many others.
My favorite film is Mamma Mia, because it is a light and carefree comedy, adapted from the famous Broadway Musical. In my opinion, the casting and the ABBA soundtrack are also other important strengths in this film.
I like and I admire Meryl Streep because she is a versatile actress. She is able to cover different parts; for example, in Mammia Mia she has played a funny and ironic role, whereas in The Iron Lady, she has played the strong former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. Moreover, with 18 nominations, she has received more Academy Award (Oscar) nominations than any other actor in history! Unfortunately, she won only three.
I would like to talk to her about the possibility to have, at the moment, a young actress that, in her opinion, is able to retrace her career. Furthermore I’d like to talk about her interests and her hobbies.
I’d like to ask her some questions:
a) Who is the best actor (male) you have recited with?
b) Who is the best actress you have recited with?
c) Who is the best director you have had?
d) Honestly speaking, do you think that you deserved more Oscar in your career? If yes, which films would have had to be awarded?

I don’t know who goes there. It’s some kind of secret place.
In my childhood my father had been an employee of government’s mine firm in north of Thailand Southeast Asia. Every day children gathered in small caravan and walked through mine’s area along red muddy road. We have to walk in bare feet because no any kind of shoes can go with sticky mud. But it was nice to walk on though and it’s smell newly. One day we walked off the road to take adventure. It’s because of the oldest boy. He knew this place and brought us to the flat brownish slippery floor. The floor made of tight clay that smooth and flexible like rubber and when we jump, it’s rock. And if we jump repeatedly in same spot it’ll make a hole on the floor and then a little fountain comes up. There we are, running sliding and made many fountains. When we climbed back on land all soaking wet and laughing so hard. Then we walked toward big board shrub that all cover with thorns. It’s thorns are so sharp and could be 2 inch long. But it’s have plenty of fruits too. the fruits are juicy and really sweet. I don’t know what it is. It’s orange in color and same size with cherry. It’s like the inside of orange that have many little pod of juice and they stick to gather in perfect round shape that not have any skin or rind . We swallowed as much as we could and have many in bucket.
That day was really great. We brought home a lot of fruit and I think. It never be anything can do that sliding like the children on that floor.