Series 01 Episode 01


Introducing your friends, Angelina Jolie, things you can find in a kitchen, Central Park in New York, celebrities working for charity, etc.

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Hello everyone, I'm Tofael from Bangladesh. I've listen this series now I try to exercise the instruction.

Hello everybody!!

I'm going to star english learning, again. :) So I'm gona try to do homeworks from this great site.

Well, this is my answer about the execise.

I'd like to meet Bruce Lee.

He was best martial artist ever seen, but I really like his way of life, he studied philosophy and he was the creator of Jet Kune Do, it's not a martial art like others it's a new way for contact sports training. It becomes in a revolutionary way to understand martial arts in a different form.

So I think it could be very interesting to speak with Bruce about all these toughts.


I'll expect your answer nervious, because I don't practise english for a long time and I'd like to recover my old level of english.

Great. Near my house is there a park, beutiful and big place to exercise, run and swim. this park have a 2 miles of extension in the center of my town. the people go to the park to practice futbol soccer, run, karate do, gim among others sports. This park is calling José Hinojosa Gran Parque en San Nicolas de los Garza Nuevo León.

hello, i write here the answer of the exercise:

I'd like to meet Jennifer Lawrence. She is an american fil actress and she interprets Katniss in "hunger Games" (i love this film!). I admire her because she has a sunny personality, she is a very good actress and she is very beautifull. I'd like to talk about her life because she seems to me a really funny person.

I write here my paragraph as suggest by the exercise.

"I would like to meet Adam Levine.
He was an is an American singer-songwriter widely know as the lead vocalist for the pop rock band called Maroon 5.
I choose to talk about him because I really like him, I think that he is gorgeous but firstly I have discovered his songs and then his aspect.
I love watching him and not less I really love listen his songs.
I don't know what I will ask to him if I will meet him, probably I will lose the word's use of seeing him."

I'm looking forward to receiving your reply soon.

Kind regard,