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Introducing your friends, Angelina Jolie, things you can find in a kitchen, Central Park in New York, celebrities working for charity, etc.

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Hello everybody of the world. It is very exciting to learn english conected with various and different cultures. Internet possibilit it. Espetacullar!!! I'm trying learn English for every years, but economic situation make it very difficult. I'm very happy because i continue tryng it. In my country, Brasil, we use tu say: I am an brazillian and i never desist! Is true! I have 46 years, two daughters, one wife, a hard life, but i keep walking!!!! It is a pleasure to comunicate with you!!!!!!

Good evening,
so, it difficult to me to finde one celebrity which I admire. Because I don't watching a lot of tv. But i admire Audrey Hepburn. I know that I couldn't meet her now, but she was greate, really greate, She was was beautyfull, smart, stylish she was good actress, a she was good. She also was helping poor people (for exemple in Africa). And my english is too bad to speak about her :-)

Hi ayesha! I'm Giovanni from Italy..I would also learn english and this site is perfect to do this! What about you?

helo everyone
I am new member in here..
I want learn english

About "our person in ...)
today, i want to tell about Hanoi city where i am living now. It is capital of Vietnam. If you come to Vietnam, you dont miss Ha Noi City, It is so small but so old. there is 36 old road relatived together. It is very noisy, crowed, polotted, dirty.... there are many people from other provices go here to stay, to tudy, to work, inclueds student, worker ,.. and many kind of person,. there is a most of special is have a lot of lake all over this city. the largest lake is Ho Tay. it was be around by Thanh Nien road. and there are many national park. it so cool and quite everyday from Mon to friday. lots of fall in love couple come here for relaxing or go for a walk, old person come here to walk, riding or simple sit on the bench for rest. if you stay here few day on your holiday or trip. you can not forget the traffic jam, it so difficelt for you to move at the hot time. the flow of traffic is stuff on the road. it is so crazy and horrible for you and all of traveller.
anyway, it is quite form 10 pm to 4 am . all the city go to sleep and. although it is very crowed but also so peace. on this season, ha noi is become speacially with smell of milk flower. it is my favorite. I like authum with this mell. I like going for a walk under the road full perfum of milk flower. I lived here for 8 years from 2006 to now.
If i have to away . I sure that i will be really miss Ha noi so much

That is all things

Thanks to all and welcom to Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Hi everybody. MY name is Nhung, I am Vietnamese . I want to learn English here. and now, i am learning by mysefl. pls tell me the best way to impove my skill fastest. i need used English for my job.
thanks in advance for your tips

about would you like to meet today

I would like to meet Jack Ma, the prisedent of
He was born on 15 October 1964 and now he is in his 50 years old.
He now serves as excutive chaiman of Alibaba group
He married to a friend when they was both in university in 1980. He met his wife when thay were still studing at university and married short later graduating. They has two daughter and a son.

When he was young, he rode his bike every moring to go to a nearly hotel to meet the foreigner. He guide them around the city for fee in order to learn, practive and improve his English skill. He finish for nine year and has a pen pals friend with one of those foreigners. she set a nickname for him is Jack because of his real Chinese name is very diffucult to pronouce.

after that, he fail his exam entrance to the university for 3 times. and with his English knowleage, he attended a techer E course and graduate at 1988 with bachelor's degree.

In early 1994, he heard about the internet. he went to US with the his friend's help and got intruduced to the internet.

although he found information ralated to " beer" from many countries on internet but he was surprised to find none from china. future. he tried to find again but result is till none from China.
and he got a great idear to set of a website for beer from China. he and his friend creat a web related to China,
afert few hourse they receive some email from others want to know about him. When he relized the internet can be great to offer. and due to. he and his wife save money to creat an internet company. thier company was dedicated to server other companies. then thet decided to quit in US and went back to China. They estabilished a technology internet company. they had got a lot of success in this section and now which have more than 79 million member from 24o countries in China.
Then he thought he want to promote his website to other contries and he creat Alipay. and the Ebay offer to chase his comopany but he rejected their offer instead the support from Yahoo. he want to improve the global E commercail and creat a way of e Payment. He reached big success and now, he was a rickest man in china ( HK not inclued) and stand 18th rickest person in the world

I'm reallly admire him and i hope i can do same him did

I like it the conversation
I find it 21 from 30
not bad from beginner :)