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Introducing your friends, Angelina Jolie, things you can find in a kitchen, Central Park in New York, celebrities working for charity, etc.

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Hi, I'm from Brazil. Like to meet actress Michelle Rodriguez.

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In my opinion, the work of charity from celebrities it's a mixture between their publicity and their way to clean their bad conscience of rich people. At the end, I agree with that person who thinks about it isn't a bad thing if finally the chartities get some money extra, but from the part of celebrities I find it quite hypocrite if then he or she lives without cares the rest of the world. I think that everybody has its place to fight against injustices and do something to reduce poverty. In that case, I find more interesting if a film star does a film about a social problem than he or she does a publicity campaing...

I think, it is good idea - when celebrities spent some money for charity and show this, because it is important thing. I understand, they spent money for themselves, so they earn this money - and 1/10 for charity is enough. Some celebrities may do this for publicity, but in result it gives money for charity, it's all.

I'm from Kazakhstan, i'm living in Almaty. Almaty is the biggest city in Kazakhstan, because it was the capital city until 1997. Almaty is very beautiful city - there are mountains, many different trees, parks, social and culture infrastructure. People can go to the mountains by car or bus, but furhter they must walk or go by cableway. It's not expencive - just walk or sit in mountains. But skiing is not cheap. There is ice-scating rink - the most high from sea's level in the world. Many people and students (so they have discount) go ice-scating in winter. Unfortunetaly, i don't go often to the mountains, but every winter i nesessarily go ice-scating with friends.

Hii i'm suci..i'm newcomer here...i appreciate to improve my English ability... please share with me...

Hello, I'm Dana from Kazakhstan.

"I'd like to meet - dead or alive"

I'd like to meet E.M.Remark, because he is one of my most favourite writers ( i read "Time to live and time to die" in German 13 years ago, other his books i read in Russian). He was very talented and romantic. I'd like to talk about his feelings to his time, when young people were "lost generation", about really men's friendship and true big love. Just in this autumn i have known that he loved Marlen Ditrih and they wrote letters each other when she went to USA. I'd like to ask him - are they together in heaven now?