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Asking for and giving advice, meditation, things and places in airports, space exploration, Carolina meets Jamie's parents, a joke, 'too' and 'very'.

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Hello again teacher,
In these two sentences "It’s the long road that planes take off from", "The place you go to just before you get on the plane … erm … " I don't understand the use of the preposition "from" (in the first sentence) and the preposition "to" (in the second one). Could you recommend me any web or blogg where I can study the prepositions at the end of the sentences? Thank you very much.

Hello ssoniacs,

Some very prescriptive grammarians used to claim that ending a sentence with a preposition was wrong, but this is not a position that anyone seriously holds today. Ending a sentence with a preposition is often the most natural and elegant way to construct many sentences, particularly more complex sentences such as those with relative clauses or passive verb forms.

You can find more information on the Oxford Dictionaries Blog.

Best wishes,



The LearnEnglish Team

Hello teacher, I'm confused about the verb "give a try". Tess says "So, are you going to give it a try Ravi? ". Is that meaning to give something an opportunity? Then, if that's ok could I say "You shouldn't say that you don't like Sue without giving her a try?
Thanks a lot
Best regards.

Hi Sonia,

You can find the meaning of this in our dictionary entry for 'try'. If you scroll down the page a bit, under the entry marked with 'attempt', you'll see a definition and examples. Note that this idiom is more common in American English; in British English often 'have a go' is used with the same meaning. Your sentence about Sue is a bit odd - it'd be better to say 'chance' than 'try'.

Best wishes,
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some people say the space exploration consume a lot of money in vain. some countries, especially USA or Japan, Invest an enormous of money into the industries. Although it seems necessary for human kind because the environmental resource are exhausting now. this is a serious and inevitable result. if those resource that we need to live are gone, we must search alternative resource from space. Although we transfer something into such necessary resource, they all disappear one day.
On the other hand, universe has a infinite possibility. we will discover those flesh and incredible things there. we should not stop exploring unknown world.

Hello, I want to ask how to use the word "Mr" in English. Can I use Mr + family name + given name?

For example, if a person's family name is Chan and his given name is Tai Man, is it correct to write Mr Chan Tai Man in an email? What is the difference between Mr Chan Tai Man and Mr Tai Man Chan? Thank you!


Hello Kelvin,

The order of names you use is a choice based on culture and personal preference. In most parts of the Western world people use given name then family name. In many Eastern cultures (and some other places) it's more common to use family name first.

So you might choose to use the Western order if you're writing in English because that's the most common order in that language. On the other hand, if you mostly communicate with people in Hong Kong, you might use the Eastern order since that's how most people give names in that culture. Another approach would be to find out what order each individual uses and follow that.

There's more information on the topic here:

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