Series 02 Episode 03


Asking for and giving advice, meditation, things and places in airports, space exploration, Carolina meets Jamie's parents, a joke, 'too' and 'very'.

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Hi everyone. I`d like to talk about.. swim, I love to swim because is a complete sport, every body can practice it doesn´t matter age or physical condition. There are different style free style, butterfly, backstroke and breaststroke. For me the most difficult style is breaststroke because your legs must be like frogs legs.
The most popular and winner swimmer is Michael Phelps he has won everything.


where do i listen to Elementary Pod casts?
i use to listen to Elementary Pod casts at home whenever i have enough time and i'm not stressed about anything; it's because i have to listen carefully in order to understand it. i'm not very good at English you see; i'm quite good,but not VERY good

Hello Sir! I could not understand the meaning of this question. (Janet, just the person. Got a mo?) It is in exercise Asking and giving advice,3. Thank you for helping.

Hi Naaji,

It looks to me as if "Just the person" means "[You're] just the person [I've been looking for]". "mo" you can find in our dictionary (see the search box on the right): it's a way of saying "moment" in colloquial speech.

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hi everybody, I'm from Vietnam and come here to share you my ambition of mastering English .
I want to make friends with all of people who has the mutual determination. Thank you and add
me now :D.

Hello guys,

According to my opinion, space exploration is not waste of time and money. In the Earth, Planet, Universe there are many things so that discovery, reaching, develop about science. Space exploration had proven science's development. Why do we know: Asteroids, Mars, Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury. Whether there is any life on other planets or not? The scientist is still finding an answer for it. Space exploration! why not?

Le Nhung

hello lenhung,
I think your 're right all the theories that the scientists had proven are almost right but there are limits that we can't exceed thanks to our high-tech devices we now can explore alot of things but they still mysterouse do you know why ? thanks to the great inflation for the universe. the light takes time and time to reach to our naked eyes i think that our first and last experience is exploring the moon. have you ever seen a podcast for marz or venus they are impossible even to land on thanks
and i'd like to thank you for your comments