Series 03 Episode 01


Elementary Podcasts is back! Some things are the same (Tess, Ravi and Carolina) and some things are new, for example the presenters. So whether you're new to Elementary Podcasts or have been listening since Series 1, give it a try!

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Hi Everyone, nice to meet your. I'm Malaysian and come from Asia. I'm just starting to use English to talk with your. Your can correctly my English if i write mistake. i'm just sharing with your, Malaysia and Singapore have a lot of food very taste. Malaysia has a lot of food as chicken rice, satay, asam laksa, fried kwei teow, Ais Kacang ( dessert ) and etc. In Singapore also has a lot of food as Fish soup, chicken rice, curry, Fish ball noodle. All above that i recommended should know where the places are they cooking very delicious. The price was cheaper and very delicious.

I like eating fried eggs. You have to put olive oil in a pan, when the oil is very hot, you have to put the egg in the pan.

Hello evereone! I love smoked fish. For Smoking you need to salt the fish and wait a few hours, then it must be placed in the smoke chamber inside which at the bottom are alder chips. The Smoking process takes approximately 45 minutes/

hello,one of the most popular foods in Iran is"kabab" or grilled meat.every body love it.

Hello I am unable to view the exercises is giving this error.
(xml config loading error). Can anyone help me?

Hello RafaelSilva,

Are you still seeing this error now? I've just checked and was able to use the exercises. Often, this kind of error results from a temporary technical problem. If you still can't see it, then try a different browser or device and see if that solves the problem.

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I am not a best cook, bu there is a food that, in my opinion, i know well. it calls brazilian Paella. it is made with chicken chopped and rice. Firstly, you chop the chicken in a separate pan, then you make the rice in another pan. After mixing them together, season them and leave them for 30 minutes on the fire. It will be already when you notice the food becomes brown color. That is all.

every body can cook easy recipe it must be take a time and practice more .For example one of the easy recipe is spaghetti . try it please

I like fried eggs & potatoes this morning I prepare it for myself .

I like fried eggs. I don't use oil but I fry them in butter. Recipe for one person: you choose two fresh eggs, open and put them into a pan with hot (melted) butter into it. Then cover the pan and keep cooking with low temperature. Wait 2 minutes or until eggs get the texture you prefer (from sof-juicy to well done) and serve them inmediately.
I prefer the fry eggs, soft and juicy, and I usually eat them with bread and coffe-with-milk.