Series 03 Episode 01


Elementary Podcasts is back! Some things are the same (Tess, Ravi and Carolina) and some things are new, for example the presenters. So whether you're new to Elementary Podcasts or have been listening since Series 1, give it a try!

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The LearnEnglish Team

hi everybody,i'm trang.I'm from vietnam.Now,everyday i try to listen english more and more for improve my english skill.This postcard is very great.I like them so much.Thks

I eat no fish, but on thursdays, in my city we have special day in the city: caranguejada. It's a special day to eat crab. And the same place that sell dishes with crab sell also schrimp. People fries the shrimps with soy oil and serves the dish with lemon. And also drinking chopp.

I loved the Ravi's recipe, because my favorite dishes are fish and seafish. In Colombia we have many differents kinds of fish such as: Tilapia, bagre, trucha, róbalo, among others. You can cook those in different ways, so you fry, bake or cook in water.
Anyway, I love your elementary podcasts, I have learned a lot of English from the first one until now. For this part, I will share my experiences and I will leave some comments about each episode. Thanks for reading.

Hi, Thanks for the lesson.
I have one question though, Does butter mean a mixture of flour and water?
Thank you

Hi Agu,

I think you might be confusing 'butter' and 'batter'. Try looking them both up in a dictionary; we have an online one at the right-hand side of the page.

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The LearnEnglish Team