Tess and Ravi talk about a scary monster. But there's something worse than monsters; Adam and Rob say goodbye!

Tess & Ravi
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Choose all the sentences that are true according to what you heard in the podcast.


Task 2

Put the words in the correct order to make sentences from the podcast.


Task 3

Put the words in the correct gaps, but don't look back at activity 2!


Task 4

Put the verbs in the right gaps.


Task 5

Type the past simple forms of these verbs. Don't look back at Activity 4!


Task 6

Match the start and the end of the sentences.


Task 7

Put the verbs in the correct gaps.


Task 8

Match the names of countries to the descriptions.


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  • Do you believe that the Loch Ness monster really exists?
  • Have you ever visited Loch Ness? Would you like to go?
  • Tell us about any stories of strange monsters that you know about from your country, in the water or on the land.



I can not believe that the Loch Ness monster exist, but it would be cool if someone prove that it really exist. I don´t know about interesting monsters histories in my country. I am from Caracas, Venezuela, and here the major monsters is the insecurity.

In my country there isn't a monster that as famous as Nessie. But sometimes on TV is reported about monster that people called "chupacabra". It lives in countryside and looks similar to something between fox and wolf. At nights chupacabra attacks domestic animals like rabbits, chickens, etc. I think that isn't very attractive for tourists.

Hello everybody....
I´ve tried to download the episode in MP3, but I cannot..... Someone can help me?

Hello Alicja,

I've checked the download and it seems to be working fine. When you right-click the 'elementary-podcast-s03-e19-low.mp3' link below the player window you should be able to choose 'Save as...' and download it. Can you let us know what happens when you try? Perhaps we'll be able to help you.

Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

It was very good,thank you "british council"for putting useful things.
l know that my speaking isn't good
I attempt to improve the fourth skills in myself.
really, I believe that monster is fictional
and the fiction creature doesn't exist.
in my country"Iran" we make this kind of story for dreading rudy and noisy chchildren
even they became calm ,
just it

hello friends i am new in this page kindly add me in friend list because i want to improve my english more want to move in canada i am here just because i am unable to bring 7 band in all i wrote three time exam but each time no more then 5.5 band so kindly help me more to improve


You can find a lot of information and advice on IELTS, plus practice activities and exam papers with sample answers, on the British Council's TakeIELTS site. I'm sure it will help you to improve your score!

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The LearnEnglish Team

I believe that fairies and demons reside inside our souls. If we are good to people around us, to people we know, or the people we don't know, we are like an angel. But if we act devilishly then we are similar to a demon.

Hello every one,
In my country I have seen so many monsters like Scorpio, spider etc. Most of the time I got afraid to see them.