Series 03 Episode 19


Tess and Ravi talk about a scary monster. But there's something worse than monsters; Adam and Rob say goodbye!

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I don’t believe that the Loch Nessi monster exists. I think this is myth or superstition story. If there was monster ,any scientist would discover it. In our country we don’t believe in this silly stories, because our people is laden with problems and concerns which are more horrible than any real or unreal monster.

thanks for every one

I want to ask what does four-legged friends mean?

Hi hayaalqasem,

'Four-legged friends' means animals which are pets or which live with people.  Very often it refers to dogs or cats, because these are the most common pets.

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The LearnEnglish Team

Hi! I'm from Mexico. We have indigenous traditions and Spanish traditions too about monsters and creatures from another "dimensions". I think the indigenous culture have a lot of tales with a social purpose. Before there was more conscience about the "common home", the relationships between us and the natural beings. The creatures in the tales normally are guardians of the nature, water's guardian, earth's guardian, cave's guardian and so on.

I don"t believe in monsters. It"s only our fears. One day someone saw smt strange & told ab it someone else. And day by day this became a tale. But it"s beautiful legend like tales ab trolles in Norway, like stories ab water-spirits, home-spirits, wood-goblins, tales ab Koschei & Baba-Yaga in Russia in country where i live. But may be i"m wrong & Baba-Yaga exists))) My kid believe in it. In Russia we have so many fairytales. But in these fairytales we haven"t monsters but have fairytales creatures. Some of them kind & any not.