Tess and Ravi talk about pop music and Jo and Adam look at the difference between the verbs 'hear' and 'listen'.

Tess & Ravi
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  • What about you – which British singers or bands are your favourites?
  • Do songs help you learn English?

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I listen to us and uk music becuase it does not only help me relaxed but also learn english, improve my listening skill. Besides, when listening to foreign songs, I can learn a lot about the cultures of all countries in the world. It is very interesting because I feel like I can travel around the world.

good evening everyone!
I'm an English learner here. I always listen to English musics by lookıng at its lyrics and then i memorize this lyrics and i try to sing it :) it helps me to speak well or read. but nowadays i'm interested in learning Persian and Arabic by listening to music and memorizing these :) when i sing it next to my Afghan friends , they get surprize how i could sing it with good pronounciation :))

Good evening to everyone.
My favorite kind of music is electronic music, music that hasn't much words. But sometimes I listen to pop music and I very proud because I start to understand the lyrics. And when I noticed that I can understand the lyrics, then listening to pop music all the time. I thibk is a good and easy way to help you learn English so.
My favorie English band is the Beatles.
And for to improve my English usualy I watch movies with audio in English and with subtitles in English. For me this is the best way to increase my English level while I'm relaxing at movie.

My favourite English singer is Adele. Actually, I don't listen to music too much. Sometimes I listen to music for relax. So I haven't tried to listen to music for learn English. But I'll try it. Why not!

Hi everyone!

In this episode we can see a lot of information, as a mater I'm concerned I going to focus in the music issue. I' m totally agree with all of you, in the fact, that the music it's very useful to learn Englishh, really in my honest opinion, it's really useful for learn all the language, you can listen to the music with transcrip and focus on the mean idea or on the other hand you can focus too in the pronunciation for to improve it. To sum up I would like to highlight the important to have open minded and take account all the posibilities for learn and improve our English.

Best wishes!

I like country music and country dance.
I think that listening to English music is useful to those who study English to improve their pronunciation

Hello everyone .
I am Vikash from india .I listen to bollywood music .
Yes, songs help to learn english.

Hi everybody. I'm Nguyen Hieu from Hai Phong, Viet Nam. I really like listen to English songs. It helps me learn English easier. I can understand the grammar, words. Sometimes I find difficultly to understand the slang words but I try to find down on your website and can understand it. I love your podcast, I miss Carolina and I hope the new episode is coming soon. Thank you so much for interesting podcasts, useful games and for everything from the website.

For me I listen often Katie Melua. She has a very good english, easy to understand, and she has a nice voice , plays guitar very well and she is very pretty. Nice songs! Thank you very much for your website . I think you have a lot of work.

I listen to kpop and indian songs, i really love it! It helped me to learn new languages and culture. But its true that english lyrics helped me to improve my english via leraning to words and how to build a sentence! The same goes with english subtitles! Thank god to english i can see my korean dramas and hindi movies!
Nice and creative exercices! i really enjoyed it!

My new british teacher told me this site, i really thank her! :)