We use prepositions to talk about where someone or something is:


above among at behind below beneath
beside between by in in between inside
near next to on opposite outside over
round through under underneath    

He was standing by the table.
She lives in a village near Glasgow.
You’ll find it in the cupboard.


We use phrases with of as prepositions:


at the back of at the top of at the bottom of at the end of
on top of at the front of in front of in the middle of

There were some flowers in the middle of the table.
Sign your name here – at the bottom of the page.
I can’t see. You’re standing in front of me.

We can use right as an intensifier with some of these prepositions:

He was standing right next to the table.
There were some flowers right in the middle of the table.
There’s a wood right behind our house.


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