Adverbs of manner are usually formed from adjectives by adding –ly:

bad > badly; quiet > quietly; recent > recently; sudden > suddenly

but there are sometimes changes in spelling:

easy > easily; gentle > gently

If an adjective ends in –ly we use the phrase in a …. way to express manner:

Silly > He behaved in a silly way.
Friendly > She spoke in a friendly way.

A few adverbs of manner have the same form as the adjective:

They all worked hard.
She usually arrives late.
I hate driving fast.

Note: hardly and lately have different meanings:
He could hardly walk = It was difficult for him to walk.
I haven’t seen John lately = I haven’t seen John recently.

We often use phrases with like as adverbials of manner:

She slept like a baby.
He ran like a rabbit.


Adverbs of manner and link verbs

We very often use adverbials with like after link verbs:

Her hands felt like ice.
It smells like fresh bread.

But we do not use other adverbials of manner after link verbs. We use adjectives instead:

They looked happily happy.
That bread smells deliciously delicious.

Try these exercises to practice your use of adverbials of manner.

Try these tasks to practice your use of placement of adverbials.

Task 1


Task 2


Task 3


Task 4




sir, in task 4, the sentence "Have you ever eaten frogs’ legs? They say it tastes like chicken" is correct?
In my opinion, it should be "taste" as in task 3.
Please explain.

Hi everyone!

Could you please, tell me which of the following sentences use 2 (or more) adverbs correctly? :

1- Do it individual and orally.

2- Do it individually and orally.

Since now, thank you!


Hello Manuela,

The second one!

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Dear Sir
I have already checked but I couldn,t find an answer.
Thank you.
Best regards

Hello Srilal,

Could you please tell us what you're referring to? If you're replying to one of our replies, please press the 'Reply' link, as it's difficult for us to know what you're referring to if your reply is not properly threaded.

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I am not refering to any of your replies but the use of preposition 'with' istead of 'by' for example:1. Can I pay by cash? 2. Can I pay with cash?
My question is : both are correct or only number 1
Best regards

Hello andrew international,

Both 'with' and 'by' are fine in this context.


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The LearnEnglish Team



Thanks for the examples. How can I explain the difference between the Adjective is this sentence
5. Let’s get the later bus, at 10.45. We don’t want to arrive at the airport too
and the adverb of manner?

Hello Ola SABBAGH,

I'm not sure I understand your question, to be honest. Adjectives describe nouns; they give us information about people and things. Adverbs of manner describe actions; they tell us how something was done. The difference is in the roles they have in the sentence, grammatically speaking.

Perhaps if you provide two sentences, one with an adjective and one with an adverb of manner it will help to clarify.

Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

Thank you so much for work.