transitive verbs


Transitive verbs have a noun phrase as object:

Noun phrase (Subject) Verb phrase Noun phrase (Object)
Some of the children
had been playing
are learning
a new bicycle.

This pattern is N + V + N (noun + verb + noun).



Hello kavita mitter,

'Dropped' here is a transitive verb with a direct object ('the ring').

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The LearnEnglish Team

Hi there, What is the difference between John smiled and John is smiling and which one is correct. How could I make differentiate between the adjectives ending with ed and the verbs in the past tense

Hi Dragon2010,

You have two different tenses there, referring to different times. 'John smiled' is an example of the past simple, which we use to talk about completed events or states in the past - look here for more information on this. 'John is smiling' is an example of the present continuous, which we use to talk about events in progress at the time of speaking - look here for more information.

As far as your other question goes, if we do not know the particular form then we distinguish using the context, which should make it clear whether the word is an adjective or a verb.

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Hello yousra youwa!
Yes, that's correct, but remember the capital letter at the beginning of questions.
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team