Can you match these possessive adjectives to the right personal pronouns?

its, your, my, their, our, her, his


Subject Object Possessive
I me  
You you  
He him  
She her  
It it  
We us  
They them  


We use possessive adjectives:

• to show something belongs to somebody:

That’s our house.
My car is very old.

• for relations and friends:

My mother is a doctor.
How old is your sister?

• for parts of the body:

He’s broken his arm.
She’s washing her hair.
I need to clean my teeth.




what is the difference between determiners (possessives) and possessive adjective.

Hello neh7272,

Possessive adjectives are one kind of determiner. For more information, see here and here.


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The LearnEnglish Team

may be this is a stupid question but why can not we use 'his' with dog in a sentence or exercise above, after all he is a dog not a 'bitch'? I think we should use 'he' 'and she' with humans only'.

Hello munish064,

We use 'dog' as the general word to mean the animal. It can mean a male rather than a female, which is called a bitch, as you say, but we only distinguish when it is necessary or when we are talking about our own pet; otherwise we say 'dog' and 'it'. However, in this sentence there is no indication whether the animal is a male or female, and so we would use 'it'.


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The LearnEnglish Team

Hello faisal.iqbal,

These are quite different - though many people confuse them, including native speakers.

Its (no apostrophe) is a possessive form:

This is the dog, and this is the dog's tail > This is the dog and this is its tail.

It's (with an apostrophe) is a contracted form:

It is a nice day > It's a nice day

It has got two doors > It's got two doors

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The LearnEnglish Team