possessives: adjectives


Can you match these possessive adjectives to the right personal pronouns?

its, your, my, their, our, her, his


Subject Object Possessive
I me  
You you  
He him  
She her  
It it  
We us  
They them  


We use possessive adjectives:

• to show something belongs to somebody:

That’s our house.
My car is very old.

• for relations and friends:

My mother is a doctor.
How old is your sister?

• for parts of the body:

He’s broken his arm.
She’s washing her hair.
I need to clean my teeth.



Hello faisal.iqbal,

These are quite different - though many people confuse them, including native speakers.

Its (no apostrophe) is a possessive form:

This is the dog, and this is the dog's tail > This is the dog and this is its tail.

It's (with an apostrophe) is a contracted form:

It is a nice day > It's a nice day

It has got two doors > It's got two doors

Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team