We use you to talk about people in general including the speaker and the hearer:

You can buy this book anywhere > This book is on sale everywhere.
You can’t park here > Parking is not allowed here.
They don’t let you smoke in here > No smoking here

We use they or them to talk about people in general:

They serve good food here.
Ask them for a cheaper ticket.

… especially about the government and the authorities:

They don’t let you smoke in here.
They are going to increase taxes.
They are building a new motorway.
They say it’s going to rain tomorrow.




Hi maynulislam,

I'm sorry, but there are no downloadable versions of the grammar explanations.

Best wishes,

The LearnEnglish Team

Hi teams, I am a new learner, I don't know how to start leaning English here,  what shall i do first, just like the Words, the Grammar, or Listening and playing games.

Hello Mr Deng,

Welcome to LearnEnglish! We're really glad you've found us. Our site is a collection of resources in no particular order, so you can start anywhere that you'd like to. I'd recommend that you take some time to look through the site using the menu along the top (Home, Listen & Watch, etc.) so that you can get an idea of what's here. Whenever you see something that looks interesting or useful, make a note of it so that you can try it later.

After looking, if you still aren't sure how to begin, I'd recommend starting with the Elementary Podcasts - many of our users find them to be a good place to start.

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Could anyone please suggest why the answer to Q3 "They will or would build a new bridge next year." is incorrect?

Hello vivek_ag2000,

This is a transformation exercises in which the sentence should remain the same except for the element being tested ('they' and 'you').  That means that the verb form ('going to') should stay the same, not be changed to 'will' or 'would'.

You can see the correct answers by clicking 'Finish' rather than 'Check Answers' (which only shows you which were correct and which incorrect).

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The LearnEnglish Team

Very helpful site.thank you so much indeed.

Hi! How can I view the correct answer of the above test?

Hi babymavi,

Click on the 'Finish' button when you have completed all the questions and you'll see how you did, and the correct answers to the questions you got wrong.  During the task, you can click on 'Check answers' to see how you are doing on each individual question.

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