you and they


We use you to talk about people in general including the speaker and the hearer:

You can buy this book anywhere > This book is on sale everywhere.
You can’t park here > Parking is not allowed here.
They don’t let you smoke in here > No smoking here

We use they or them to talk about people in general:

They serve good food here.
Ask them for a cheaper ticket.

… especially about the government and the authorities:

They don’t let you smoke in here.
They are going to increase taxes.
They are building a new motorway.
They say it’s going to rain tomorrow.



Hello Jeremy!
English Grammar it's quite different from the Italian one, some things appears unintelligible or weird to me... 
Thank you very much! ^-^

Hello every body
can you help me to solve the practices , I understand the role but I cant answer the question

Hello rabiee!
Have a look through the other comments - there are a lot of clues from LearnEnglish staff! If you are still having trouble, click 'Finish' and then 'Yes' to see all the answers. 

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Hello everybody...I am new on this web and i likeeeee ittt very much. This exercices are very me if you need help :)

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Welcome to the website, and I hope you enjoy yourself. It's very kind of you to offer to help, and I hope people will ask you some questions!

I did delete the answers you supplied - you didn't do anything wrong, but some learners like to work out the answers themselves!
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This exersise is not easy to understand to me . 
English is spoken here .
They ............................
So what we 'll put in the blank box ? Verb adjusted with sentence ? 
Please let me clear if anybody could.