We use you to talk about people in general including the speaker and the hearer:

You can buy this book anywhere > This book is on sale everywhere.
You can’t park here > Parking is not allowed here.
They don’t let you smoke in here > No smoking here

We use they or them to talk about people in general:

They serve good food here.
Ask them for a cheaper ticket.

… especially about the government and the authorities:

They don’t let you smoke in here.
They are going to increase taxes.
They are building a new motorway.
They say it’s going to rain tomorrow.




I enjoy learning the usage of "you and they".

Dear Team,

I need your usual support to help me , what kind of music I can hear to help me pronounce the British accent well ?
For example Hugh Music is okay ?? Let me know another if it possible !

2nd question is I need to learn Vocabulary , could you please help me with list of vocabulary to learn it , as I need to set a plan for a month to finalize the list ??

Thanks in advance for your amazing support.

Hi HNawar,

Generally speaking I'd recommend the Beatles for what you describe. British films and television or one of our series such as the Elementary Podcasts would also be great resources to work on your accent.

In what contexts do you plan to use English? The vocabulary we use depends a lot on the situation we find ourselves in. Doing an internet search for "word lists", I found a page that has links to several that might be useful to you. Working through the Elementary Podcasts, which I mentioned above, would also be a great way to expand your vocabulary in general.

Best wishes,

The LearnEnglish Team

I just forget one dot, and i wrong :(

Hello teacher, I understand that when we use ( you ) we mean we are talking about someone infront of us individual or group of people.

My question can I talk to group of people in front of me and say?

You know that, I'm a new teacher her, and I need to know much more about you.

Are these sentences rights?

Hello sdgnour2014,

Yes, it's perfectly acceptable to use 'you' to talk to a group in that way.  In fact the only alternatives that come to mind - 'ladies and gentlemen', for example - sound much less natural and rather over-formal for most contexts.

Best wishes,



The LearnEnglish Team

I have answered most of the question not all.

how can i get the correct answer?where?

Hello krishnajyothi,

There are two buttons for finishing the exercise.  One is 'Check Answers' and the other is 'Finish'.  'Check Answers' will tell you how many you have got right and how many wrong; 'Finish' will tell you this and also show you the correct answers.

Best wishes,



The LearnEnglish Team

hi there! i'm kind of lost here, can someone help me with these questions